how to store jet ski in a storage unit

How store jet ski in a storage unit.

How Store Jet Ski in a Storage Unit? Believe it or not, this is the one question most people never consider when they buy one of these vehicles. Jet Skis are sources of endless fun, especially when they are taken out onto the water on a hot summer’s day.

But what happens once all the fun ends? Where does that Jet Ski spend the night? Better yet, what do you do with it in the winter?

If you have a large yard, then simply abandoning the vehicle in a random corner makes sense when temperatures are mild. But what do you do when the snow begins to fall?

Are you willing to drag your Jet Ski into the confines of your house? Would that even make sense? How many people have space in their living room, bedroom or even the garage to house an extra Jet Ski? 

These are the questions that will be answered below.

How to Store Jet Ski – Why Outdoor Storage Makes Sense?

If storage units are the first thing that comes to your mind when Jet Ski storage is mentioned, then you are unique.

Most people have a tendency to abandon their Jet Skis outside, and the reasons are not that difficult to understand:


Outdoor storage is cheap. So long as you have a clean stretch of a yard in a secure space and an extra tarp or two, you are pretty much set. You need not spend your hard-earned money on rental fees or expensive security locks.


Outdoor storage is so convenient. Forget about special racks and trailers. As has been mentioned above, if you can find a clean wall against which your Jet Ski can lean, you are pretty much done.

Some people will even rent spots at the local Marina, which is a much safer, more reliable option.

But the marina requires money. The average Jet Ski owner will happily abandon their vehicle behind their garage where it can park for free for several days and weeks at a time.

Why Outdoor Storage is Foolish?

If you have any say in the matter, then please, fight the urge to leave your Jet Ski outside, even for a night.

Here’s what you need to understand:


Outdoor storage will expose your Jet Ski to harsh weather conditions that will ultimately hurt it.

The UV rays alone will crack the leather and plastic parts, and that isn’t even taking into account the debilitating effect of extremely cold temperatures.


Leaving your Jet Ski outside will expose it to pests. Throwing a tarp over the thing won’t keep mice and squirrels out.

And once they begin building nests in the exhaust pipes, there’s no telling what sort of damage they will do in the long run.


Jet Skis are quite unappealing to look at whenever they are left abandoned in someone’s yard or next to their garage. They can turn any lawn into an unsightly mess.

If you care what your neighbors think, then leaving your Jet Ski out will lower your esteem in their eyes.

That isn’t even taking into account the hazardous nature of outdoor storage.


This goes without saying. Outdoor storage leaves your Jet Ski vulnerable to thieves.

Why Indoor Storage makes sense?

If you have the means, then indoor storage is the only way to go. Why you might ask? Well, indoor storage really speaks for itself, especially storage units:


 The right storage unit will prevent your Jet Ski from crowding your home, garage or yard.


  The right storage unit has a roof and four walls. In other words, your Jet Ski will be adequately protected against the harsh effects of extreme weather and temperatures.


 The right storage unit is appropriately defended against pests and rodents.


 The right storage unit is secure, so you need not worry about thieves.

Making Preparations for storing

Is storing your Jet Ski in a storage unit a simple matter of renting out a storage unit, throwing your Jet Ski in and closing the door?

Certainly not; there are certain steps that you must take to prepare your Jet Ski for storage, this including:


The fuel that most Jet Skis use doesn’t keep well. As such, you must either drain it or use a fuel stabilizer.


You have two options here. If your storage unit has no electrical outlets, you must disconnect and remove the battery.

If electrical outlets are present, then you can leave the battery in its place. Just connect a battery maintainer and you should be fine.

Technically speaking, these two steps are all you primarily require for short and even long-term storage, but only if you live in areas with mild temperatures.

How to Prepare your jet ski for Winter

how to store jet sky for the winter

If you live in states with extremely cold weather, you must take steps to winterize your Jet Ski.

Why is winterization important? Well, if you don’t prepare appropriately, the cold weather could crack the engine of your Jet Ski.

Winterizing procedures will vary depending on the model of your Jet Ski, though most professionals would probably encourage the following:


Get a non-scratch cloth, some soap, and water, and wash your Jet Ski. This is especially important for people who ride their Jet Skis through salt water.

Any salt left on the vehicle could destroy the metal surfaces during long-term storage.

You also need to remove any algae that might have accumulated.

For this reason, prioritize the bottom of the Jet Ski.


Once you are certain that you have used the Jet Ski for the last time before storage, run its engine for thirty seconds; this will drain all the water from the engines.

Turn the handle back and forth. You can also tilt the vehicle for optimal results. The objective is to ensure that all the water has been eliminated.


If your Jet Ski has an oil tank, change the oil. You should also lubricate the moving parts. This will protect against corrosion.

You will also find it much easier to start using the Jet Ski when you first take it out of storage.


In order to improve circulation and prevent the buildup of moisture, you should keep all the hatches and doors open. Lift the seats as well.

Even after you execute all the steps above, for the best possible results, consider getting the Jet Ski serviced before you store it.

Your vehicle will maintain its structure and integrity for longer periods of storage as a result.

Finding the right Unit for jet ski

What sort of storage unit does your Jet Ski need? The right facility should avail the following:

Dry Stack Storage

Storage facilities that house large items like boats and Jet Skis normally have giant shelves within which these vehicles are stored.

If possible, find a facility that offers dry stack storage. There are also dry stack storage providers that you could contract for this very purpose.


This goes without saying. If you can’t get dry stack storage, then your storage unit of choice must be large enough to accommodate your Jet Ski.

A 10x10 unit should do.

Drive-Up Access

Find a facility that will enable you to drive the truck, car, or trailer hauling your Jet Ski right up to the unit. That way, the process of disconnecting, moving, and storing the Jet Ski will be simplified. while you are using the trailer for shifting the jet sky to the storage unit, use puck locks for the trailer to secure your jet sky from robbers' attacks.


Get yourself a storage unit with electrical outlets. One way of maintaining your Jet Ski during long-term storage is to keep its battery charged.

The presence of electrical outlets will help with this process.


This also goes without saying. Jet Skis are expensive. Do not trust such an investment to a storage facility until you are certain that they can protect it.

The right storage facility should have a fence, security personnel, surveillance and alarm systems on the premises. and they are using high temper lock which is difficult to cut off.


If you think all this sounds like a lot of work, you are not wrong. But the effort is worth it. If you truly love all the fun that your Jet Ski brings into your life, then you will appreciate the time and the resources required to maintain its health.

Additionally, A storage unit is suitable for storing all kinds of excess households. For example, you can store your books in this unit.

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