Cut A Lock Off of a Storage Unit

How to Cut A Lock Off of a Storage Unit

Safety is paramount especially when your business is involved. There is nothing more disappointing than safely securing your items in a storage unit only to find out that you cannot access your belongings.

Perhaps you secured your items and now are looking to access them, but you are unable to find the key or forgot the passcode. Or maybe the lock has malfunctioned and no longer can operate.

These are genuine concerns that storage unit owners deal with regularly.

However, do not panic. There are several options you can take to remove a lock upon receiving the proper clearance and approval from the managers of your unit.

When your keys are misplaced, you need to cut off the lock to access your valuable items . Here is a step by step procedure on how to cut a lock off of a storage unit.

  How to Cut a Disk Lock Off of a Storage Unit

Consider the following steps to learn how to cut a disk lock off of a storage unit.

Step :01

The first step is to confirm with your vendor or storage unit authorizer that you are permitted to cut or dismantle the lock. You might need to fill out paperwork for approval.

Step :02

The second step is to identify how you will cut the disk lock.

disk lock

You can cut the sliding latch either with a pair of bolt cutters or with a grinder. If you are not able to replace the latch on the disc lock, consider using a grinder with a metal cutting wheel.

Step :03

The third step is to buy the device you will need. You can pick these up a typical hardware store, convenience store, or home-improvement store.

Step :04

The fourth step depends on the device you choose. If you are grinding the locks down, this is a rather messy process and can become very dangerous without proper safety precautions and gear.

Step :05

Finally, If you are using a large pair of bolt cutters, you might find that this is the easiest solution for your lock cutting needs. Bolt cutters can be faster, more effective and safer than lock grinders. Consider this when attempting to cut a lock off of a self-storage unit while preserving the door that the lock is bolted to.

A bolt cutter is the most effective tools to cut disk lock. If you do not have any bolt cutters at your home. Do not worry. We have tried different types of bolt cutters to cut any types of the lock of a storage unit.

Try Neiko bolt cutters, the best bolt cutter

Among all these bolt cutters, Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter can give you the best results for all types of lock.

These bolt cutters have Molybdenum Steel Blade which is strong enough to cut different types of lock in the storage unit. 

To learn in details about this bolt cutters click on the image or above link.

How to lock out storage unit padlock

round pad lock

Padlocks can be dismantled in a very similar fashion to disc locks. If you are locked out of a padlock, a simple way to remove the lock is with a pair of bolt cutters.

Step :01

However, the first step is to identify what is wrong with the padlock. The lock might have a jammed core, or the lock might have changed shape and is damaged. Before you go about cutting into the lock, always consider if you have a way to preserve the lock.

Step :02

The second step will be to identify the tools you will need. Whether you decide to use the bolt cutters or try to shim the lock to open it, you will need adequate equipment.

Step :03

In the third step, you either cut the lock with a bolt cutter or place the shims between the lock’s shackle and body. By twisting the shims, this will disengage the lock mechanism.

Step :04

The fourth and final step will be to ultimately remove the lock and replace it with a lock that you have already tested.

our recommended lock for your storage unit

After cutting the lock, you should buy a lock which is very strong, corrosion-resistant and has a solid steel body with a high-security mechanism. However, We have tested different locks. We have found that ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock is the strongest lock which is very difficult to cut by any lock cutting method.

How to Drill Out a Storage Unit Cylinder Lock

cylinder lock

If you have a cylinder lock and need to gain access to the unit, you have no choice but to drill out the lock. This, unfortunately, will render the locking plug unusable after drilling, but the good news is that the lock apparatus will continue to work.

Step :01

The first step, as mentioned above, should be to gain confirmation that you will be able to drill the lockout where applicable.

Step :02

The second step will be to look at the lock to determine which tools and approach you will want to take. This might include a variable-speed power drill, many drilling bits, and gloves.

You should wear hand gloves before starting the lock cutting job

At the time of doing lock cutting job, you have to secure your eye, body, and hand. To protect your hand from any kinds of accident you may use CLC Custom Leathercraft Flex Grip Work Gloves which is flexible, shrink resistance and snag proof.

Step :03

The third step will be to connect the drilling bit to your power drill. The 1/8 inch (3 mm) drill bit should be sufficient, as you will need a bit small enough to put through the key opening.

Step :04

The fourth step is to prime the keyhole by hammering a center punch at the space right above the lock’s keyhole.

By hammering this point, this will ensure that when you drill, the drill bit will be kept on the center plug.

Step :05

The fifth step will be to drill a hole with your power drill through the lock cylinder of the guidance point in the lock. This will break the pins in the cylinder and allow you to open the lock.

Step :06

The sixth and final step will be to take a flat-headed screwdriver, insert the blade into the key lock and turn the lock. This will finally allow you to enter through the previously locked door.

Best home Tool kit set to cut lock 

BLACK+DECKER Home Tool Kit set is the best home tool kit set to cut the lock for a storage unit.

At the time of cutting the lock, you need a power drill, screwdriver, Hammer, Wrench, pliers, knives and so on. You will get all in one tool bag.

How to Cut a Thick Storage Unit Lock

The type, size, and, design of your lock will determine the method you will use to cut it open.

No one approach will work for all types of thick locks. As such, you need to match your method to the lock in question.

That being said, one of the following approaches is bound to yield results:

1). Bolt Cutters

This is probably the first approach every professional will suggest. Invest in a pair of 24-inch long bolt cutters.

This is the size you will need to cut locks with larger diameters. Of course, the actual process of cutting a thick lock will take some skill.

bolt cutters

You must know how to tilt the cutters in a way that gives you ample access to the lock’s shackle or its metal clasp.

Some locks are so thick that you might require a friend to help you squeeze the grips of the bolt cutters with enough force to get results.

2). Grinders

If bolt cutters fail, then you have to give grinders a shot. These portable machines have a disk that professionals use to cut hard materials like metal and even tile.

Go out and find yourself a grinder with a 60 grit disc (3/64 inches).To use this grinder, you will require gloves and a face shield.

The goal is to hold the lock with vise-grips (in the case of padlocks), turn the grinder on and then press its disc blade against the lock in question.


Grinders create sparks. So you need to keep a fire extinguisher on hand. It takes time but a grinder will get through most locks.

Best Angle Grinder to cut storage unit lock

This angel grinder machine is one of the best angel grinder machine to cut storage unit lock. The metal gear case make it stronger than other angle grinder. Additionally, It has a big side handle which provide comfort to the user. You can change the accessories according to your requirement.

3). Fire

The chances of you encountering a lock so thick that a grinder can’t cut it.

But in the case that you actually find one, you might have no other choice but to buy a propane torch.

If you expose your thick lock to a propane torch for three minutes, it will become red hot.

To do this, you can buy Bernzomatic High Intensity Trigger Start Torch  which has Auto start and stops ignition system. Additionally, It has an adjustable flame control knob, which allows you to use it in different ways. It provides high levels of heat output so that the lock shackle can easily meltdown.

Now, you have already done the main lock cutting job. At this point, you have seen that the heated metal will be so soft that you can easily cut through it with a saw. 

But you need to do this as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the heated shackle gets cold, you have to do the shackle heating process a

How to Drill To Remove A Storage Unit Bolt Lock

bolt locks

Bolt locks are complicated, especially if you try to pick them and you lack the necessary experience.

But if you have a drill, then bypassing the lock becomes a simple matter of following these steps:

1). Tools

Get your power drill and attach a drill bit.

2). Lubricant

You need to spray the drill bit with some lube. Cover it completely.

You should also lubricate the lock. Focus on the inside of the lock and the outer edges.

3). Drill

Place the drill bit in the lock and pull the trigger. Do this even as you gently force the drill bit into the lock.

Do not forget to apply the lube every so often. This will help you counter the friction that would normally break the drill bit.

4). Screwdriver

Keep drilling until all the tumbler pins fall out. Then insert a screwdriver into the hole and turn it. The lock will open.

How to Open Storage Unit U-Haul Lock

A U-Haul lock is quite powerful. The manufacturers will tell you that it can’t be picked.

But that is not completely true. Of course, a standard lock pick set won’t do.

To get results, you need relatively small picks and a lot of experience. This lock isn’t for amateurs. No amount of gambling will get you past its defenses.

You need to use light tension seeing as these locks don’t have springs rotating the cylinders back.

How to Open Latch Storage Lock

Simple latches are easy enough to overcome. Get a paper clip, unfold it and push the end through the gap in the door but below the latch.

After this, you simply slide the clip up until you push the latch off the hook.

If that doesn’t work, you can always bend the end of your paper clip into a hook shape.

Insert that end through the gap in the door. Keep pushing it in behind the latch until you see it come back out in front.

At this point, opening the door is a simple matter of pulling on both ends of the paper clip.

If the paper clip approach is too safe, drilling is also an option, though that might damage the lock.

How to Break a Tubular Lock on a Storage Unit

Tubular locks are popular because they are very difficult to open without their keys.

If you need to open a tubular lock and you do not have the appropriate lock pick set, consider this approach:

1). Pen

Get a normal ballpoint pen that is as small as or even smaller than the opening of your lock.

2). Scissors

Take the ink tube out and then use scissors to cut four vertical notches in the back and along the sides of the pen.

3). Lock

Insert the end of the pen with the notches into the lock. Push the pen as far into the lock as it can go.

Then start shaking the pen and the lock from side to side. This will loosen the pins and open the lock.

This method will take several tries, and it should work. But if it fails, get yourself a tubular lock pick and start picking.

How to break a circular lock of a storage unit

The challenge of breaking a lock becomes twice as heavy especially if it is circular. Here are appropriate steps that will be of assistance to you.


  1. Bolt cutter
  2. Grinding wheel

Step 1:

Use a quality bolt cutter that will easily move through the lock. However, it is not a guarantee that it is going to work, but it's worth a try. Circular locks are different, and some of them are sure to go with this idea smoothly.

Step 2:

Stainless steel can take over from here in case you need a second option. Use it to cut through the locks, and they will break open in a matter of seconds. Handle it with care as it is bound to cause untold harm when stored or misused.

How to cut a round lock off a storage unit


  1. Bolt cutter
  2. Grinder
  3. Cutting wheel

Step 1: 

Use a sizeable bolt cutter to cut through the round lock. This should fall off in a matter of minutes especially when used effectively. Place the tool on the lock as you exert force to let it perform its function.

Step 2:

Use a powerful grinder to cut the round lock. Note that if your grinder is not powerful enough, you might end up being disappointed. Carefully focus on the lock as the actions are irreversible in some cases.

Step 3:

With the help of a stainless steel cutting wheel, it will be easier to cut a round lock within a short time. For best and quicker results, use a cordless cutting wheel.

How to open the keyless lock of a storage unit

Cases such as this are rare, making it an even more challenging feat. Here are easy steps to see you through it all.

Step 1:

Install a computer system that will connect you to your storage unit.

Step 2:

Insert a PIN that will help identify you any time you need to have access to your storage unit. Careful not to forget it as it will leave you locked out until other drastic measures are taken.

How to cut a lock off of a self-storage unit.

You may follow the following steps to cut off a self storage unit lock:

Step 1:

Use a pair of bolt cutters to cut the lock within a short period. Place the jaws of your bolt cutters on the shackles and press firmly to make the lock break loose.

Step 2:

Cut the lock using a stainless steel cutting wheel. Exercise utmost care and precision to avoid untimely damage on your storage unit.

How to open public storage unit lock

To know how to open a public storage lock, there are numerous tools to cut or drill out storage unit locks. And there are many ways to go about this in case you need to have it open as fast as possible. Here are some of them;

Step 1:

Check directions on the package to manouver your way through it.

Step 2:

Apply the use of necessary tools such as cutting wheels, grinders or bolt cutters. Be moderate to avoid even worse damages on the locks.

Step 3:

Call a certified locksmith if the lock seems to be stuck.If you use best lock for storage unit, like Stanley Hardware Shrouded Padlock, You will have to give additional effort to break down this lock.

How to cut storage unit patio door lock

Cutting a patio door lock requires different procedures than an ordinary padlock. The intruder tries to open the storage unit patio door forcibly. But if you lose the key, you can contact the manufacturer to remove the lock. Otherwise, you may hire a locksmith to help open the storage unit patio door lock.

Tools to Cut Off or Drill Out the Storage Unit

 Grinders are one of the most efficient for cut the lock of a storage unit and it come in many different types. The DeWalt cordless grinder, for example, includes a wheel for metal cutting. While fairly noise, this device will cut through an average-level disc lock.

If you are looking for a more effective, safer, and easier-to-use option, a 36-inch bold cutter will be optimal for your lock dismantling needs. Always ask the store or dealer to test out the device with you. You can then see how it works and to understand its size so you can visualize how this will accomplish your next work project. I have shown a tools list below:

  1. Bolt Cutters
  2. Cutting Torch
  3. Hackshaw.
  4. stainless steel cutting wheel
  5. speed power drill
  6. Grinder
  7. propane torch.
  8. Reciprocating Saw, etc.

What Should I Do If I Lose the Key to My Storage Unit?

It is always important to keep your storage unit managers or vendors aware whenever you are changing or altering the locks. You might have forgotten that they keep a spare lock key in their vault for when this very situation occurs.

Or, should they see you cut open a lock, they might suspect you are breaking which could lead to trouble. When in doubt, keep the manager or vendor involved about what you are doing to ensure you stay compliant with their laws and regulations. They might even be able to offer you a hand if you explain what is going on.

In depth Research 

Verifiable tools and sources will come in handy at a time like this. Locks come in various shapes and sizes and might be a bit too complex to handle. In-depth research entails reading widely as well as consulting certified experts.

A safe storage unit can play multiple roles and functions. Primarily, it provides due anchorage to items of all shapes and sizes. The locks must be in perfect condition at all times.

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