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How To Select A Storage Unit: A complete guide for you

Are you searching for a storage unit for your valuables? Are you getting tired of searching for the right storage unit with all suitable condition?. Don't worry, we are here for suggesting to you about how to select the best storage unit for you.

Storage Units make sense today because most people have so much stuff.

Storage units solve this problem by providing additional space that people can rent and then use to better organize their lives.

choosing a storage unit is not an easy task. So, here is a complete guide for you about how to choose a storage unit.

When We Are Searching For a Storage Unit

Different reasons will compel different people to look for storage units. Some people simply require the extra space to store their excess inventory.

Others just need to remove the clutter from their homes and offices.

You also have a few people who choose to rent out storage units because they are moving apartments and they need a temporary space within which they can store their valuables while they make the transition.

Most professional movers would encourage you to look for a storage unit before you actually need it.

Emergencies normally lead to poor decision making.

If you suddenly find yourself homeless and you realize that you need extra space to store all your furniture while you look for your next apartment, you will settle for the first storage unit you can find.

And that is problematic because good storage units are hard to find and the first storage unit you find is unlikely to satisfy all your long-term needs.

You are better off doing the work beforehand. Search the market, find a storage firm you can trust and then keep their contact information on hand.

That way, if an emergency occurs, you can trust that you already have a reliable storage facility on hand.

Why Searching for a Storage Unit Facility is Important?

There are people who think that all storage units are the same but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A storage unit is just an empty space with a locked door.

So anyone can create storage facilities by simply finding, furnishing and advertising empty spaces with locked doors.

But a good storage unit is more than just an empty space and a locked door.

There are so many factors that you must take into account before you can lock down a unit that sufficiently meets your requirements.

For that reason, you should always take your time when looking for a storage unit.

Consider as many options as possible. Ask every question you can think of.

If you fail to do due diligence, you will trust your valuables to a storage unit that will inevitably either lose or ruin them.

How to Look For When Searching Storage Unit Facility?

Location for storage unit

Location for storage unit

If you are new to storage units, and you don’t know how to start narrowing your options down, consider the following factors:

A). Location

Storage units should be convenient to access. For that reason, there is no point in renting out a unit that is several states away.

You need to narrow your options down to companies with facilities that are close enough for you to visit on a regular basis.

Try to remember: the more distant your storage unit is, the more fuel you will burn getting to it.

That being said; do not settle for a bad storage unit just because it is nearby.

Consider your options. Urban centers normally have excellent storage facilities.

But the fact that they are so conveniently located also makes them expensive.

On the other hand, you can find great storage facilities outside the city but you must meet the extensive transport costs.

The key is to find a balance. A distant location is fine if you do not need to make frequent visits to your unit.

B). Security

Security should actually be your first consideration when selecting storage units.

There is no point in entrusting your valuables to a storage company that cannot adequately protect them.

Most storage facilities will guarantee security but you must also do your due diligence to make certain that they have checked all their boxes.

1.Gate Access

A decent storage facility should have a gate. Some people are very particular about this aspect.

They will judge storage facilities based on whether they have slide gates, swing gates, vertical pivot gates or even barrier arms.

Ultimately, you have to decide what good security looks like to you.

Of course, if your storage facility has a gate, then it should have some sort of sophisticated access system like a keypad.

Such systems not only control access to the storage facility but they also empower the company to restrict delinquent tenants.

Most storage facilities have very strict office hours which you should endeavor to understand.

You need to prioritize companies whose office hours are convenient for you.

Otherwise, if the distance between your home and the unit is vast, you risk arriving at the storage unit long after they have closed.

This element ties back into the question of location.

2. Lighting

Lighting of storage unit

Lighting of storage unit

Most people think that security always comes down to locks and cameras but lighting is just as important.

The best storage facilities should have state of the art LED lighting fixtures.

Good lighting should enable tenants to safely find their way around their storage units at all hours of the day or night.

Good lighting should also illuminate the corridors and the surrounding streets well enough for the guards on duty to spot potential burglars on approach.

In this case, good lighting includes LED shatter-proof glass tubes, 8ft LED Lights, 400W LED wall packs and the like.


Your opinion of CCTV camera technology will determine your choice of storage units. Storage unit security cameras can detect the motion of the people and can alert the owner of the storage unit when it can detect people.

Some people like the security that cameras bring. Others find them intrusive.

Good storage units should offer around the clock surveillance.

But if you value your privacy, you can keep an eye out for storage facilities whose CCTV surveillance is limited to the hallways and the yard.


Reliable storage facilities normally feature sophisticated alarm systems.

Some of them only have alarms on the main doors and gates but you are better off prioritizing a facility whose systems are deployed on the doors of the individual storage units.

A storage facility with an alarm system should have personnel on hand to react when the alarm is tripped.


lock for storage unit


Every storage facility worth its salt has locks on the individual units.

But you are still encouraged to install your own lock when you rent out a storage unit.

Most burglaries in storage facilities are perpetrated by thieves disguised as customers. As such, they already have access to the storage facility.

A good company will utilize latches, disc locks, cylinder locks and the like which are difficult to remove stealthily.

Some storage facilities do not permit customers to install their own locks, so take that into account before renting out a unit.

c).Managerial Conditions

In most cases, you should only rent out a storage unit if you trust the management team.

A storage unit with all the conveniences and security features you need can still bring disaster if the management is negligent.

In fact, it is fairly commonplace for management personnel to steal from their clients.

They have the means and the access and, unfortunately, no one ever suspects them.

For that reason, you are encouraged to only deal with storage facilities that are managed by companies rather than individuals.

You can find and sue a company for compensation whereas an individual can simply disappear.

Other Terms and Conditions

When most people approach a storage unit, they only think about what they want from it.

They never take into account what the facility might want from them.

The best storage facilities today have very strict criteria with regards to the clients they engage.

Some of them only operate on certain days. Others only store particular types of items.

Some will let you install padlocks. Others will even keep your cars.

Basically, when you rent out a storage unit, you are essentially signing a contract.

You are promising to behave in a certain way and to meet certain conditions.

If you fail to act accordingly, you could be penalized financially.

So before moving forward, take the time to figure out what your storage facility wants from you. Otherwise, you might end up stranded with fees and charges you never planned for.

There are storage facilities out there whose monthly rates increase the more items you store with them.

1. Other Facilities

A storage unit is technically just an empty space.

But there are so many storage companies in the US today that it is no longer enough for a firm to simply offer you an empty space.

Most companies today go out of their way to provide additional facilities, and you should take these offers into account before signing up with any storage firm.

2. Carrying facilities

Find out if your storage unit is just an empty room or if it comes with additional amenities that you can use to better store your items.

Does the unit have shelves built-in or refrigerators or special cabinets?

Has the company gone out of its way to provide furnishings that will hold your valuables or do you have to bring them into the unit yourself?

 3. Protection of Grounds

Most people only care about the security their storage company applies to their storage unit.

But the security of the grounds matters. Your storage facility should have adequate protection to keep unsavory elements away from the vicinity of your unit.

This is where physical guards and cameras in the yard come into play.

If a burglar can get into the grounds of your facility, they can get to your storage unit.

 4. Protection from Pests

Even if thieves can’t get to your valuables, you can still lose them to rats, roaches and the like.

Talk to your unit’s management about any pest control options they might have.

The best facilities normally work with pest companies to regularly treat the individual storage units.

If a company doesn’t provide this service, you will have to hire a pest control company yourself.

You can also use pest deterrents and special wrapping that protects valuables.

5. Other Surrounding Issues

Before signing on with any given storage facility, take the time to scope out the location.

Look at the neighborhood for any threats. Look for shrubbery nearby that might attract insects.

Basically, determine if the environment around the facility is conducive for your valuables.

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