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10 Best Puck Locks for Trailer & Van in 2023

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you know that thieves won’t hesitate to ransack your trailer or van at the first sign of weakness. Some people resolve this issue by spending large sums of money on complex security systems.

However, in most cases, a decent lock is all you need. An ordinary padlock won’t do. The average thief can pick a padlock in seconds. And if they fail, they can just break the shackle with bolt cutters.

To protect your valuables, you need the best puck locks for trailer & van, the kind that has a secure locking mechanism and a thick, impenetrable body. But manufacturers know that avid travelers need puck locks, which is why they have flooded the market with cheap, unreliable options.

You could spend the next few hours looking through hundreds of locks to find a decent selection, or you could cut through all the noise by choosing a puck lock from these options:








Trimax Hockey-Puck Shackle Trailer & Van Door Lock

  • solid steel construction
  • Re-keyable lock
  • Can protects against bolt cutters
  • Easy to use
  • No Shackle exposure

Fully Warranted for any mechanical defects


Trimax  Keyed Alike Trailer & Van Door Lock

  • Solid steel thick body 
  • The lock is cut resistant, and saw resistant
  • Alloy Steel material is used

Visit Manufacturer Website


Proven Industries Trailer & Van Lock with Hidden Shackle

  • Solid Aluminum lock body
  • Pick Resistant, and Corrosion resistant  
  • fully shielded shackle 
  • USA Made 

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Proven Industries Trailer Coupler Lock

  • This lock can provide Protection Against Theft and Bolt Cutter attack
  • Easy Installation
  • Solid Steel Construction 
  •  Made in USA

Visit Manufacturer Website


NU-SET Heavy Duty Solid Steel Hockey Puck Padlock 

  • Alloy Steel and Brass made lock
  • Hidden steel shackle
  • heavy duty lock
  • Hardened reinforced shackle protect against priers and bolt cutters

‎1 year warranty

Best Puck Locks for Trailer & Van Reviews

1). Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Lock

With an reasonable price and the highest grade of puck lock on the market, the Trimax THP2XL puck lock is our top pick for trailer, van and truck. Trimax has spent the last two decades making high-quality security locks for various industries. People use their products on trailers, towing trucks, RVs, bicycles, and more.

Therefore, it won’t surprise you to learn that their THP2XL trailer lock is one of the better locks on the market, weighing just 2.2 pounds. The silver lock was made from Alloy Steel. It has enlarged opening covers and strong hasps that won’t surrender in the face of severe punishment.

The shackle is the weakest part of most locks. Once you break or cut it, you can remove the lock. But that concern is non-existent here because the lock doesn’t have a shackle. To be more specific, the shackle is hidden.

Criminals cannot access it, which means that they have nothing to cut. This tells you that your trailer is safe from bolt cutters and saws. Without the shackle, the only other option is to cut through the body of the lock.

But that isn’t a feasible option because the lock has a thick, solid steel body. Therefore, you can trust this product to resist intruders.

2). Proven Industries Puck Trailer Lock 400XL

The Proven Industries 400XL Lock is our pick as one of the best puck locks for most trailer. This US-made lock uses Aircraft Grade 6061 Solid Aluminum. The body is resistant to corrosion, and intruders cannot break it with standard tools like bolt cutters.

Each lock comes with two identical keys. The cylinder is resistant to conventional lock picking tactics. Before you ask, the shackle is fully shielded. Criminals will have a difficult time accessing or prying it open. The manufacturer took every feasible measure to make the lock a nightmare for intruders.

The openings are 1/34th of an inch long and 7/8th of an inch high. The depth is 1 ¼ of an inch. The weight is 3.29 pounds.

3). Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR  Puck lock

The Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR  Puck lock is one of the strongest puck locks you can buy. This item weighs 2.05 pounds. It is a substantial lock with a double-sided flat key and three active locking mechanisms that include a locking bar. You have to align the top bar pins to gain access, a feat you can only accomplish by inserting the correct combination key.

Mul-t-lock’s revolutionary telescopic pin technology is present here. The key has a mobile interacting spring called the Alpha Spring at the tip that works in tandem with the unique pin at the rear.

Like all MT5+ products, this one has a double-sided key. The manufacturer has provided a key duplication card. You can use it to create as many copies of the keys as you like.

You can also hire a Mul-T-Lock locksmith to create identical keys for multiple locks. The procedure is not cheap, but it can be done. You can perform the task yourself if you have a rebitting kit. This puck lock provides the essentials when it comes to keeping your trailer, van, garage and trucks safe and secure.

4). Trimax THP3XL Hockey Puck Trailer, Gates, and Truck Lock

If people call this on of the best puck locks for trailer, it is partially because TRIMAX has a reputation for making high-quality products with innovative designs. Their internal shackle door lock is the perfect counter to bolt cutters.

The re-keyable lock hides the shackle. This will frustrate criminals who favor bolt cutters because the lock doesn’t offer apparent targets for them to cut. Not only is the lock easy to use, but the body is thick, solid, and resistant to extreme weather.

In other words, you can use the lock within any outdoor setting that suits you. It works on trailers, gates, and even trucks. The heavy-duty security hasps can take quite a bit of punishment before they give way.

5). Proven Industries Lock model 2516 for Trailer

This is probably the strangest-looking lock you have ever seen. The manufacturer settled on this design after investing 200 hours into research and development.

The trailer lock fits a specific frame coupler. If you visit their manufacturer’s website, you will see pictures of the three frame couplers compatible with the lock. If you cannot find your frame coupler on the website, they encourage you to reach out to them.

They have a variety of locks that fit different coupler designs. You don’t have to limit your options to this one. The manufacturer is confident that the other locks in their catalog will match your needs just as efficiently.

If their lock can accommodate your coupler, don’t let the design fool you. It is surprisingly easy to install and secure. Boasting ¼-inch All Steel Construction and a black powder coat finish, the lock has defenses against bolt cutters. In fact, the lock is bolt cutter proof. It weighs 10 pounds.

6). NU-SET 2-7/8 Inch Hockey Puck Padlock

This NU-SET  lock is an affordable yet highly secure solid steel puck lock. This heavy-duty lock can be trusted to stand the test of time because the manufacturer used chrome to make the product rustproof. Even in an outdoor setting, the lock will last a while.

The steel shackle is hidden, making it more difficult to pry open or break with bolt cutters. The 2-7/8-inch-wide steel case repels violent attacks. The 6-pin tumbler cylinder is the perfect answer to lockpicks. Even though it looks incredibly thick, the lock is just 2.14 pounds.

7) Mardili Lock Hidden Shackle Puck Padlocks

If you want a lock that intruders cannot pick, this puck lock is the answer. Boasting a rekeyable 6-pin cylinder (with spool pins), intruders cannot resort to physical attacks because the lock’s body is strong enough to resist bolt cutters and saws.

The item has a heavy-duty construction with a chrome surface that prevents rusting. Don’t expect the lock to corrode. It is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. That includes high and low temperatures.

The manufacturer provides two identical keys per lock (six identical keys for three locks). You are guaranteed excellent value for your money with these three locks. And if you don’t like them, you can take advantage of the 30-day free return and replacement guarantee.

The manual includes the dimensions the lock can fit. Make sure this item can enter the hole of your door’s hasp before you buy it. Otherwise, it won’t do you any good.

8) Paclock’s 2173A Series puck lock

The Paclock’s 2173A Series puck lock is the strongest puck lock across all of our lock categories. This is a reliable lock with a solid 6061 aluminum body. The lock is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions. That includes erratic weather. The lock uses a 6-pin cylinder that offers nearly 3000 non-interchangeable key changes.

The security pins will repel intruders with relative ease. You can use the same key to open multiple locks if you want. Just visit the manufacturer’s platform and select the ‘Keyed Alike’ option.

Specify the key number and wait for the manufacturer to customize your keys and locks. These padlocks are made in the US. The manufacturer is popular because of its responsiveness.

They have a knowledgeable customer support team standing at the ready to answer any question you have about your locks.  When your kit arrives, look for the PAC-BAND. Some people either forget it, or they don’t understand the role it plays. The silicone cover protects the cylinder from dirt and grime.

9) QWORK Steel Puck Lock

A puck lock should keep your trailer, van and trucks safe and secure while providing easy access for you. You know this QWORK Steel Puck lock will protect you from intruders because the body is made from #45 steel. Thieves will have a hard time getting to the shackle. Even if they reach it, the shackle is strong and stable.

The lock’s entire design is supposed to prevent cutting. You can’t penetrate this product’s defenses with drills and saws. It will keep your home, RV, and storage units safe.

If it fails to meet your expectations, or if some sort of malfunction occurs, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties.

Pay close attention to the measurements of the lock before you buy it. Look at the height, diameter, and dimensions. If they don’t fit the door you have in mind, this lock won’t help you.

10) WAR-LOK Puck Lock

This product comes in a 4.74-pound package, which is substantial. But don’t expect this padlock to weigh 4.74 pounds. Each pack comes with multiple locks.

All the locks are keyed alike. In other words, the same key will open multiple locks. At the moment, you can only get two locks that the manufacturer keyed alike. But that is only true for the locks you buy from Amazon.

The products the manufacturer sells directly to consumers do not have those limitations. You can customize as many locks as you want.

The items have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t forget to compare the measurements of the shackle to your door’s hasp. If the lock is too large, it may not fit your hasp.

Fortunately, you have the option of returning the locks. If the dimensions are acceptable, these locks are unlikely to disappoint you. They will resist drilling and cutting.

What to Consider While buying a Puck Lock

How do you find the best puck lock for trailer? You can’t just make a random selection. Use these factors to guide your decision:

1). Consider Puck Lock Material

What materials did the manufacturer use? The materials determine the strength and durability of the lock. Many people flock to locks made from low-cost materials because they are inexpensive. But a cheap lock is pointless. It creates the illusion of security, but you can’t trust the lock to keep your valuables safe.

Look for locks made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials. If you have no other choice, aim for zinc. Zinc is not the best, but it is better than many cheaper alternatives.

2). Brand

The brand matters. Some companies have a reputation for making high-quality trailer locks. Others make junk. Listen to the public. What are people saying about your brand of choice?

Do they like the locks they have purchased from the company in the past? Do those locks last? What sorts of complaints have they raised? The public will not buy trailer locks from an untrustworthy brand. Where trailer locks are concerned, you should follow the masses.

3). Ease of Use

Naturally, you must pay close attention to the security considerations. For instance, how thick is the shackle? How much of the shackle is exposed? Can you pick the lock?

These questions are important. However, they are not as relevant as the ease of use. No one will use a trailer lock that is difficult to install, no matter how solid and secure it is.

Try to find a lock that balances all these factors, that is, a thick item with a solid construction that is also easy to install and use.

However, if you have self storage unit and you are searching for a storage lock to secure your storage unit, then you should buy disk padlock.

How Does A Puck Lock Work?

Padlocks are no longer the answer to life’s security problems. Some of them have thin shackles that fit tiny door hasps, but that makes them easier to cut. Large shackles are no better because they are still vulnerable to bolt cutters.

Once you understand the weaknesses plaguing the average padlock, the benefits of a puck lock become obvious. Their operations involve the following:

1). As the name suggests, a puck lock looks like a hockey puck. It has a thick round body that is very difficult to attack. The puck lock’s round body is your first line of defense.

2). Puck locks have a shackle. However, those shackles are hidden, which means that you can’t attack them with bolt cutters or hammers. You have to take your frustration out on the round body, which is unlikely to succumb to the attacks of a hammer.

3). Some puck locks have a hasp that provides additional shielding, making the lock nearly impenetrable for conventional thieves.

4). The puck lock’s design is incredibly versatile. You can apply it to barn doors, sliding doors, and even the doors of a van.

5). Some people are hesitant to add puck locks to vehicles because their presence tells thieves that the vehicle in question has valuables on the inside. In other words, it can attract unwanted attention.

This is why some consumers paint their puck locks, allowing them to blend into the color of the vehicle. You are less likely to worry if you have a good-quality puck lock.

They are more expensive. But the locks are worth every penny. Even if a thief breaks your puck lock, it will take them a lot of time, increasing their chances of getting caught. The only way the puck lock will fail is if you install it incorrectly.

How To Pick A Puck Lock?

  • Stick the pry bar into the lock on top of the keyway
  • Get a jag pick. It simulates a key
  • Stick the jag pick into the lock. Run the pick in and out of the lock rapidly. If you perform this action enough times, at some point, you will align all the pins in the correct order.

There are more elaborate techniques. But unless you have some experience picking locks, those methods may take you a while to master. It is also worth noting that anyone can pick a puck lock using the method above or any other technique if they have the puck lock in their hand.

This is how most people practice. They will experiment with picking the lock in a safe and comfortable setting. Picking a lock that is attached to a door is more challenging because the lock is in an awkward position.

But your options are limited where puck locks are concerned. Despite what people say, you can cut these tools. They are not impenetrable. You can cut through the lock and guard if you have a decent saw.

You don’t have to use a saw. Any efficient cutting tool can slice through the pin and hasp. However, this method takes too long.

Best Puck Locks FAQS:

Types of Puck Locks

Puck locks are a type of padlock. They don’t come in different types. While some have more features than others, most puck locks have the same general design. That includes a thick, round body and a hidden shackle. The lock looks like a hockey puck, hence the name.

How Secure Are Puck Locks?

The puck lock is the most secure type of padlock on the market. This is because most padlocks have a shackle that intruders can attack. However, a puck lock’s shackle is hidden.

Additionally, these locks have thick, round bodies of hardened steel that can withstand drilling and cutting. Therefore, forcing them open is easier said than done. With the right tools, you can cut through a puck lock. But it will take you a lot of time.

What is The Strongest Puck Lock?

Abloy has a reputation for making reliable security locks. As such, you have to assume that the Abloy Protec2 PL 975 is one of the strongest puck locks in the world. But some people may argue that the Assa SR400 dial puck lock is better.

Ultimately, no one can definitively answer this question because no one has surveyed the options on the market to find the best hockey puck lock.

Where Can I Use Puck Lock?

Puck locks don’t have limits. You can use the best puck lock on any door with a hasp that suits their locking mechanism. That includes garage doors, van doors, and storage unit doors.

How Do You Install A Puck Lock?

Puck locks are straightforward. Instead of a traditional shackle, they have a rod you control when you insert and turn the key.

To use the puck lock, insert the key, turn it and pull the rod out. Place the puck lock over the hasp and push the rod back in. The goal is for the rod to pass through the hasp. At this point, it is a simple matter of turning the key.

Can puck locks be rekeyed or changed?

Some puck locks can be rekeyed or have their combinations changed, but it depends on the specific model and manufacturer. Consult the lock's documentation or the manufacturer for information on rekeying or changing the combination.

Are puck locks compatible with all types of trailers?

Puck locks are versatile and can be used on a wide range of trailer types, including cargo trailers, utility trailers, and shipping containers. However, it's essential to ensure that the lock you choose fits the specific latch or hasp on your trailer.

How do I maintain and care for a puck lock?

To prolong the life of your puck lock, keep it clean and lubricated, and protect it from extreme weather conditions. Regular maintenance can ensure that the lock continues to function correctly.


Finding the Best Puck Lock For Trailer is not easy because the demand for decent Puck Locks is high, so manufacturers have flooded the market with trailer locks.

Unfortunately, most of them are substandard. But that is why this guide was created. Rather than making a blind selection and wasting good money on a poorly designed lock, use one of the options listed above to give your trailer the protection it deserves.

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