How To Use Avent Breast Milk storage Bag

How To Use Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags


Any mother who breastfeeds knows the importance of having quality breast milk storage bag. Since its launch, the Avent breast milk storage bag popularity has significantly increased.

In fact, it is currently among the most purchased breast milk bags in the market.

The Avent milk storage bag helps to protect and safely store breast milk. It features a dual layer bag that keeps it strong and durable.

 It also features a double zipper that helps to prevent leakage. It comes pre-sterilized meaning that breastfeeding mothers can use it immediately upon purchase.

If you are planning to buy Avent breast milk storage bags, then you are making the right decision. It will help you store extra milk safely to relieve breast engorgement. You can also use it to stock up breast milk for future use. 

Features of Avent breast milk storage bag

  • BPA free
  • Easy to use
  • It is strong and durable
  • Leak-proof
  • Completely hygienic. Tamper evident seal and pre-sterilized

Upon purchase, you need to know how to use this breast milk bag in order to get the best results.

In this article, we are going to give you step by step process on how to use Avent breast milk storage bags.

1.Gather Avent breast milk supplies

 Hygiene is very important when handing supplies used to store breast milk. Before you start to express or pump milk, you need to ensure that all supplies needed are well cleaned. The collection container needs to be well cleaned.

If you are planning to pump the milk, ensure that you gather your pump, tubing, pump flanges as well as the collection container. Before you use your pumping supplies, ensure that they are all cleaned and dry. This will help to prevent bacteria from finding their way into the breast milk while pumping. You need to have an additional container on standby just in case you pump more milk that what the first container can hold.

2. Wash up

Before you start to pump or express milk, you need to ensure that you are clean. Wash your breasts and hands before you start. This help prevents germs from your skin from getting into the breast milk while you are collecting it.

 A toddler is very sensitive and slight contamination can impact negatively on their health. If you maintain good hygiene, then you will help to minimize contamination.

3. Express or pump your breast milk to Avent            breast milk container

 Gently express or pump breast milk for about 10 minutes from each side of your breasts. Once the collection container is full, transfer the milk to the storage container. Don’t fill the storage container to the brim because milk also needs space for expansion when frozen.

Once the storage container is 3/4 full, remove it then replace it with another bottle. Complete the collection process before you transfer it to storage containers.

4. Seal the container

 Seal the Avent breast milk storage bags completely before storing it in the fridge. The storage bags need to be airtight to prevent contamination.

5. Label the storage bag

Label avent breast milk storage bags

Once you have sealed the storage bag completely, label it before storing. Some important things that you need to include in the label sticker include the time and date of collection, what is inside the container and the expiry date. Labeling will help prevent mix-up.

6. Store the Avent breast milk storage bag in the freezer

Store the Avent breast milk storage bag in the freezer

 Put the Avent breast milk bag in the freezer as soon as you are done the labeling. The length of time that you can store the breast milk will depend on the type of freezing that you are using.

For instance, if you store the breast milk bag in the freezer located inside the refrigerator, then the breast milk can be stored for up to two weeks.

On the other hand, if you store the breast milk bag on a fridge where the freezer is separated from the refrigerator by two separate doors, then the breast milk can be stored for up to 6 weeks. All that you need to do is set the freezer to a level that makes the breast milk rock hard.

 If you store it in a stand-alone deep freezer, then the breast milk can be stored for up to one year.

You can travel outside easily with this bag. With a cooler bag, the stored breast milk will last at least for a day.

Final Verdict


In conclusion, storing breast milk safely is not difficult. However, you need to use the right breast milk storage bags. The above steps will help you store breast milk safely for a long period of time.


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