how to store breast milk while traveling

How To Store Breast Milk While Traveling

Traveling with your baby is a fun experience. However, the first thing that will come to your mind when traveling with your baby is how he/she will be fed. Your baby’s demand to feed and the need to empty your breast does not stop just because you are traveling.

If you are planning to travel with your baby, then you need to make adequate preparation on how to store breast milk. Proper storage of breast milk will ensure that your little one feeding pattern is not affected. Below are tips on how to store breast milk while traveling.

Breast feeding accessories that you need to have

Breast feeding accessories

Breast feeding accessories

You can only store breast milk properly if you have the right accessories. The first important step that you need to do before you travel is to ensure that you carry the right accessories. An electric pump is the best but if you cannot access it them manual pump can also get the job done.

Other important accessories that you need include breast pads seal tight containers, breast milk storage bags and a cooler bag to keep the milk cold.

How To Store Breast Milk While Traveling By Different ways

Feeding your child while traveling

Feeding your child while traveling

01. How to store breast milk when traveling by air

Traveling by air will complicate the situation. However, with right planning, then the whole process will be smooth. When traveling by air, then you need to know that you have the right breast milk storage accessories.

Expressed or pumped milk are given an exception of 3.4 ounce limit. As a breastfeeding mother, you can carry a reasonable amount of breast milk. You don’t need to store breast milk in a zip close bag.

You will be allowed to carry ice packs and other accessories needed to keep breast milk cool. Make sure that the ice pack is frozen solid before you leave the airport. If not, then it might be treated as liquid meaning that it will be subjected to more screening.

The milk will be subjected to x ray screening by relevant official. Make sure you inform the official to that you are carrying breast milk. When on the plane, store the breast milk on the ice pack. This will help prevent it from going bad. You can even carry dry ice specific for breast milk

02. Breast milk storage for car travel

Unlike traveling by air, expressing or pumping breast milk when traveling by road is easier. You will be traveling on your own car meaning that you will have the much needed privacy to pump or express milk. You also have the freedom to carry breastfeeding accessories that you like.

Ensure that you carry plenty of ice pack to keep the breast milk cool throughout the journey. Ensure that you seal the breast milk in an airtight container before storing it in the ice pack. Use dry ice if you are storing frozen breast milk.

03.Consideration when traveling by sea

If you are planning to travel by the sea, then it is advised that you ask in advance to know if they provide breast milk storage areas. Some may require you to pay extra cash in order to access breast milk storage facility. However, you should always keep in mind that most mini fridges available in cruise ship are not cool enough.

This means that they cannot store breast milk for long period of time. If you are going to stay in the sea for long period of time, then ask if they provide other refrigerator option that can keep your milk cool enough for long period of time.

04. Storing milk at your destination

When booking a hotel, find a place with a freezer. Inquire first to know if your hotel room has freezer to store breast milk. However, if you find out later that your hotel room does not have a freezer, you can use the hotels main freezer.

On the other hand, if you are staying is someone home, inquire first to know if their freezer has space.

In conclusion, you are a breastfeeding mom and you are planning to travel, make sure you store breast milk safely. Breast milk is very sensitive and if it is not stored safely then it can quickly go bad. Ensure that you have the right storing accessories that will help keep breast milk in good condition for long.

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