How do Breast Milk Storage Bags Work

How Do Breast Milk Storage Bags Work – Best tips for new parents

Choosing to breastfeed your baby is a healthy choice for your child. Formulas can be complicated for babies to digest as it comes from cow's milk and it takes time for a baby's stomach to adjust to a foreign substance.

Breastfeeding your child also protects your baby's immune system when their saliva chemically induces the necessary antibodies needed to keep them healthy.

Breastfeeding means you will have to store some of your milk for times when you need others to feed your child, excess comes in, or if you are going somewhere when it will not be possible to feed your baby from your breast.

Pumping your excess milk and storing it in a storage bag until needed is an essential part of breastfeeding. How do breast milk storage bags work is often a question asked especially by new mothers.

How do Breast Milk Storage Bags Work?

Breast milk storage bags are specially designed for your breast milk and differ from your general use storage bags found on the market.

These bags come sterilized and free from BPA so feeding your baby milk stored inside these bags do not pose any health risks. While they are plastic bags, depending on the brand used, you do not have to worry about leaks or spillage occurring during use.

These bags have been designed to collect and store your milk until ready for use.

Depending on the brand you choose; there is no need to pump into a separate container as the bag attaches directly to your pump. 

These unique storage bags can withstand a freezing and re-thawing process and are equipped with quality construction to prevent leaks. Certain brands of bags require you pump into a separate container and then pour the milk into them.

Brands that do not attach directly to pump often can be used with an adapter that will allow for you to pump directly into the bag.

When you've filled the bag, it can be placed into the freezer if it will not be needed right away, or into the refrigerator until you are ready for feeding.

How to setup the breast milk storage bags?

  • Attach the bag to your pump
  • Secure with self-adhesive strap
  • Pump directly into the breast milk storage bag

Pumping directly into the bag saves you time, and their convenient design allows them to stand upright without support. These bags also have an easy to close zip top to keep them tightly sealed and protected.

How do breast milk storage bags works if they don't attach to the pump?

  • Your flange can be used as a funnel if you are using a two-piece breast shield.
  • When finished pumping, you place the flange part of the shield over the top of the bag and carefully transfer the pumped breast milk into the bag.
  • A one-piece shield can be used as a funnel, in the same manner, to transfer the milk from the pump to the storage bag.
  • You can then transfer the milk into your baby's feeding bottle the same way when you are ready to use the milk.

Benefits of Using Breast Milk Storage Bags?

The breast milk storage bags are double-walled to ensure they have long-term storage capability.

They are also designed with a leak-proof zipper closure, so you do not have to worry about contaminants getting into your milk. All of the healthy beneficial properties contained in your breast milk are protected by the bag's air and moisture barriers.

Benefits of using breast milk storage bags include other factors such as they reduce or eliminate any wasted milk while collecting.

The storage bags are also disposable, saving you the time needed for cleaning. This also eliminates chances of contamination.

The bags require less storage area, and they provide you with safe long-term storage options. These bags are easy to label and date so you can keep track of the age of each collection and they are made from materials that are safe for your baby.

Breast milk storage bags are easy to label and date

Breast milk storage bags are easy to label and date

Breast milk storage bags are a great alternative to bottles. If you have to pump several times a day, they work great for freezing and storing your excess milk until it is needed.

Freezing the bags flat will make it easier for you to keep them organized as you can stack them or place upright like books on a shelf.

How To freeze Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Freeze the bags
  • Lay the bags flat on a cookie sheet in your freezer
  • Make sure as many air pockets are removed as possible
  • Once frozen, you can arrange conveniently for your storage needs
  • Breast milk storage bags will last up to six months in a regular freezer and up to one year in a deep freezer
Frozen Breast Milk

Frozen Breast Milk

How Do You Know That the Milk Has Gone Bad?

Generally, you can tell that the milk has gone if it smells sour or rancid. Naturally, after you pump the milk, it separates with the fat rising to the surface. If the milk is still good, it will mix back easily with just a gentle shake of the bag.

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Breast Milk Storage bags?

By being able to pump directly into your storage bag, you can save yourself precious time. The Evenflo Advanced Breast Milk Storage system is an adapter setup that is compatible with all styles of bags. 

This adapter will fit most standard neck breast pumps and is 100% free of BPA. The Evenflo Breast Milk system is constructed of FDA approved materials ensuring the safety of your child.

How do Parent's Choice Breast Milk Storage Bags work?

Most of the breast milk pumps found on the market come with a tube-like attachment. So that, it can feed directly into a storage bag.

The Parent's Choice Breast Milk Storage bags especially do a great job with this tube-like attachment. These bags are designed with a double zipper seal.

And this double zipper seal ensures the safety of the milk. It makes Breast Milk Storage Bags leak proof.

To use the bag:

  • You begin by tearing the safety seal off
  • Pulling apart the zipper closure
  • You have to handle carefully of your pumped breast milk and Milk Storage Bags
  • Pour your pumped breast milk into the bag
  • Reseal the bag and make sure as little air as possible remains
  • You can then store the milk in your freezer for later use
  • Or you can store the milk in the refrigerator if needed sooner
  • To avoid pouring your milk into storage bags, you can purchase an adapter and pump directly into the bag

Is there any disadvantages of breast milk storage bags?

These bags are the most convenient  to keep your breast milk. The only disadvantage of these bags is the fact that they are not reusable.

But these bags are less costly compare to other bags. So you can buy in bulk and have an entire stock to last you for long. Also, the fact that they are not reusable turns out to be a good thing, as you do not have to spend so much time cleaning them up.

Other Uses for Breast Milk Storage Bags

There are other uses for breast milk storage bags. You can store homemade purees in these bags as well.

These bags are designed for freezer storage and will allow you to make your babies meals when the time is convenient for you. You can have a full stock of meals when you and your baby need them.

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