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Best Z Wave Door Lock

What are the characteristics of an excellent z wave door lock? Better yet, what does the best z wave door lock look like? Smart locks are just like every other electronic device.

Most of the z wave locks on the market are substandard. Unscrupulous manufacturers know that consumers do not scrutinize locks before buying them.

As such, they have flooded the market with poor-quality smart locks that can’t be trusted to protect your home. This guide is a response to the confusion that persists in this arena.

People don’t know how to identify decent z wave locks and deadbolts. To their untrained eyes, all the locks on the market are the same. Your only option is to limit your selections to the products on this list.

People love these locks because they tick all the right boxes. They are strong, convenient, and versatile, designed to appeal to people that want remote control over their security. They include:

Top 3 Best Z Wave Door Locks reviews


People are not wrong in calling this the best z wave door lock because it is so easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver. The Snap n’ Stay technology will do the rest.

The device works in tandem with Z Wave smart security systems and other products of that ilk. For instance, you can also pair the lock with Samsung SmartThings. This is the only way to access the hands-free features.

If you hate making multiple copies of your keys and keeping track of them, you will appreciate this lock. It generates dozens of access codes that consumers can disseminate to their friends and family.

The lock’s features are easily accessible via a touchscreen. Despite the product’s sophisticated functions, it runs on two pairs of AA batteries. It has an indicator that warns you when the batteries are low.

2). Kwikset 98880-004

This lock is highly convenient because it gives you comprehensive control over your home’s security. You can lock your doors anytime from anywhere if you have a phone.

The lock is part of an automated security system that communicates wirelessly with your phone. The device can generate as many as 30 access codes that consumers can assign to people who usually access their homes.

However, the lock’s features are not restricted to security. It will also control your air conditioning, automatically activating the heating and cooling systems whenever you open the door.

What if burglars force the lock open in your absence? The lock will send alerts to your phone, giving you the opportunity to call the police. The manufacturer includes a 12-month electronics warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty.

The lock’s design is surprisingly sleek. The shell is metallic, boasting a tamper-resistant mechanism. You can install the product yourself. It comes with a detailed manual.

3). Yale Assure Lock SL

Are you tired of unlocking your doors with keys because you keep losing them? This lock uses a keypad. You can access your home by pressing a few buttons. The auto relock function is incredibly convenient.

If you frequently forget to close the door when you leave, the auto relock feature will lock the door for you.

If you have a compatible Z Wave smart home system, you can install the lock within minutes. All you need is a screwdriver. The package has everything you need, including 9V batteries and mounting hardware.

Alexa works with the device to provide voice control features. Yale, the manufacturer, is trustworthy because they started plying their trade in 1840. They have survived for centuries because they make reliable products that consistently satisfy the needs of their consumers. Their lock has a quiet, motorized BHMA Grade 2 deadlock.

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Z Wave Door Lock Buying Guide

How do you select a z wave door lock? There are so many options. Rather than prioritizing the brand, you should base your selection on these features:

1). Locking Mechanism

What kind of locking mechanism do you prefer? Some locks have touchscreens and keypads. You use pin codes to unlock them. Others use a Wi-Fi connection and a phone app. You also have fob-enabled and biometric locks.

It is a question of preference. Some people prefer fingerprint systems because they can’t remember pin codes. So, these locks have highly technical features that are not found in other types of locks like sliding barn door locks or puck locks. By installing a 'z wave lock' in your door, your house will remain safer and more secure than normal door locks.

2). Connectivity

What type of technology does the lock use to communicate? Bluetooth conserves the battery. However, the range is limited. You can’t access the lock if you’re far from the door.

Some brands allow consumers to add a Wi-Fi function, which is more appealing because you can access the lock from any location if you have internet.

3). Third-Party Products

Look for locks that can interact with third-party tools like Alexa to introduce a voice control feature. The best smart locks are compatible with sophisticated virtual voice assistants.

4). Cost

The cost is the most important consideration. There is no point in setting your sights on a Wi-Fi-enabled lock with biometric functions if you can’t afford it. Look for a lock that fits within your budget.


Smart locks are all the rage today and for a good reason. Criminals are smarter than ever before, and conventional padlocks won’t do. If you spend a lot of time away from home, you need z wave locks like the ones above.

They are the answer to all your problems because you can control your door’s security from any location. The locks are not perfect. A particularly brutal attack can overcome their defenses.

However, they will alert you the moment an intruder opens your door, allowing you to take the relevant measures.

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