3 Best Locks For Sliding Barn Door

Do you have a sliding barn door? Do you lock it? Most people don’t lock their sliding barn doors. Before you blame them, you should know that it isn’t their fault. Sliding barn doors do not have locking mechanisms.

But if your barn has valuable assets, you can’t afford to leave the barn doors open. The market has plenty of locks that manufacturers specifically designed to secure sliding barn doors.

But you can’t just pick the first lock you can find in your local store. The best sliding barn door locks are solid, reliable, durable, and easy to use. But most of them are buried under a plethora of poorly made barn locks.

You can’t identify decent barn locks by simply looking at them. Poor quality locks are designed to look just like their high-quality counterparts. Fortunately, we have done the difficult work of identifying the best locks for sliding barn doors. You can pick from this list:

Best Locks For Sliding Barn Door Reviews

1. Raswik Privacy Hook and Eye Latch Sliding Barn Door lock

The best barn door locks should stand the test of time even in the face of extreme conditions. That is what you can expect from this barn door lock. Designed to add an element of security to sliding barn doors, the heavy-duty lock is long and sturdy, made from solid iron.

The lock’s durability can be attributed to the two layers of powder coating that resist the abrasive aspects of extreme weather conditions. It works in both interior and exterior settings. You can use it on closet doors, cabins, windows, and the like.

The manufacturer provides a No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty because they trust their product. Weighing just 4.6 ounces, they expect people to buy the lock because it is easy to use. You can open and close it in one step.

2. WINSOON Barn Door Lock

This lock’s body is made from solid carbon steel. The manufacturer coated the surface with black powder. This combination makes the lock durable, sturdy, and resistant to corrosion.

Even though it looks rustic, the item will last years. The manufacturer provides all the tools you need to install the lock, including latch, washers, and screws. You don’t need extensive technical knowledge to mount it.

You can apply it to any room in your home to enhance the door's security by preventing people from opening it without authorization. The door type doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether you have a sliding barn door or window shutters, the lock is a must-have.

Weighing four ounces, the 5-year product warranty makes this a safe purchase. Though, it doesn’t come with instructions. As far as the manufacturer is concerned, the lock is so easy to install that you don’t requirea manual. But if you need the instructions to install the lock, the absence of a manual may annoy you.

3. WAYDA Barn Door Lock

You can install this lock on your barn, knowing that it won’t rust. Many manufacturers make exaggerated claims about the durability of their products, but this one can back them up. Their lock uses a multi-layer polished finish that resists rusting, tarnishing, and corrosion.

The body is stainless steel, which is solid and reliable. You don’t have to limit the lock to the barn. It works on everything from garages and shed doors to gates and windows.

The installation process is convenient and easy. The lock comes with all the screws you need to mount it. If you hate the idea of buying locks that may fail to meet your expectations, you should know that this one comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like your lock, the retailer will send you a new one or provide a full refund.


Barn door locks are tricky because they work outside. They have to survive extreme weather conditions that typically corrode locks. This is why many people call the products above the best barn door locks. They excel in the areas of durability and reliability.

They have solid bodies made from dependable materials like steel and iron and coatings that repel the elements, which is why you can trust them to survive harsh exterior conditions.

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