3 Best Locks For Shutter Reviews in 2023

Shutters are commonly used in stores and shops. When I close the shop after a long day and go to sleep at home, it is very important to put a good quality lock on the shutters of the shop to ensure that the goods are not stolen in the dark of night. That's why we've chosen some of the best locks for your shop shutters and hopefully, these locks will keep your shop's belongings safe even in your absence. Because these locks are not only strong, they are also very difficult to break. Thieves can't even open these locks with fake keys. In this article, we've reviewed some of the best locks for shop shutters. So, read our review  and choose one of these locks from the list below.








Master Lock Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Discus Padlock with Key

  • Ensure maximum security lock
  • constructed with Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle
  • minimum shackle exposure

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Kurtzy Heavy Duty  Hardened Solid Steel Monoblock Lock

  • Heavy duty 1 kg lock
  • hardened steel body 
  • Includes Five keys
  • The rotating shackle is anti-drill and anti saw resistant.

100% money back guarantee


Puroma Keyed Padlock

  • Stainless steel lock body
  • hardened steel shackle  
  • Brass chrome plated cylinder
  • Durable and sturdy structure

12 month warranty

Top 3 Best Locks for Shutters

1. Master Lock Magnum Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Discus Padlock

If you are searching for the best lock for your shop shutter then this Heavy Duty Stainless Steel master lock is best for you. With more than a thousand of reviews, this lock can provide the maximum level of security to your shop shutter. This lock is made with Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle which is considered harder than any other lock-making material. So the body and shackle structure of this lock offer maximum resistance to cutting by the bolt cutter.

If the thieves attack with a bolt cutter to cut the lock, definitely he will fail as the special shrouded design of this master lock minimizes shackle exposure.

It has a reinforced body bumper that can resist the lock from any kind of scratching. Moreover, this lock is resistant to corrosion lock-picking, drilling, and cutting.

If your store is located in a place where sun, rain, storm, snow can make your store lock worse. And if you are afraid of rusting your shop lock, the manufacturer of this lock is assuring you that, this lock will not lose its capability in all adverse weather conditions. The covered keyway of this lock protects against bad weather.

2. Kurtzy Heavy Duty Shutter Lock

The second best one on my list for your shop shutter is Kurtzy Heavy Duty Shutter Lock. This is a heavy-duty lock that is made of hardened solid steel with a 3.7 x 1.14 x 2.76 inches physical size. The 1kg weight makes this lock extremely durable compared to other normal locks.

The chrome-coated hardened steel body ensures high security and makes it tough for thieves to get into.

Because of the physical structure of this lock, you can use it in most latches.

The closed shackle ensures that these locks are resistant to drilling, cutting, and lock picking.

The lock comes with five keys that allow you to give extra keys to friends and family members.

The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee for an unsatisfied customer.

3. Puroma Keyed Padlock

The Puroma Keyed Padlock is a corrosion-resistant high-Quality lock. The locks come in a variety of sizes. The lock has a solid stainless steel body with a hardened steel shackle for protection against corrosion. The sturdy construction and minimum shackle exposure can protect against any type of cutting attack by saw or bolt cutters.

The lock has weather-resistant capabilities. You can use this lock in your shop shutter all over the year.

This lock is convenient to carry and store because of its lightweight features. With all of these features, the price of the locks is very reasonable. So if you have budget constraints but require the best quality lock for your shop shutter this Puroma Keyed Padlock is suitable for you.

Best Shutter Lock Buying Guide:

1. Lock making materials:

The lock for the shop shutter must be more resistant than the normal lock used at home. To ensure the quality of the lock, you have to look for the lock-making materials first. The most common lock-making materials are stainless steel, brass, die-cast zinc, metal, Aluminum, aluminum alloy, and copper.

Are you looking for the most durable lock? then, you should buy a hardened stainless steel lock. It is highly durable and corrosion-resistant but the price is higher than a brass padlock.

On the other hand, a lock ‍made of Zinc alloy or Aluminum has a poor level of strength. These types of locks are lighter than steel locks but the price is cheaper.

Padlocks made out of stainless steel are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. But locking an outdoor trailer, you should buy a trailer puck lock.

2. Types of lock:

When you are looking for buying locks for your shop shutter, you have to choose from the best shutter locks option available in the market. There are many different types of locks of different sizes. The most common shutter locks include disk padlocks and normal padlocks. Before buying a padlock, you should consider the sizes of the lock because padlocks come in multiple sizes.

3. Price consideration:

If you are searching for locks with an affordable price tag, the Abus Diskus padlock can be the best option for you. Do not choose a lock by considering price only. The main task of the locks is ensuring security. The low prices lock may not have the top level of security mechanism.

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