Make your own baby car seat straps cover

Make Your Own Baby Car Seat Strap Covers:5 Easy Steps

Car seats are an essential component of any household that has children. But if you have ever purchased a car seat, then you know the challenges that car seat straps can present.

There’s a reason so many parents make their own strap covers today. It generally saves their kids a lot of unnecessary distress. So, it is a common question to parents that how to make a baby car seat straps.

Why Baby Car Seat Straps Matter?

Most of the baby car seats you will find on the market today have covers for their straps.

And that makes some people wonder why they should spend so much time and money making their own strap covers.

The answer is actually quite simple. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you probably never drive anywhere without first putting your seatbelt on.

The average seat belt doesn’t have a cover. And if you have spent any significant amount of time on the road, then you know that seat belts can get quite uncomfortable.

To be more specific, they have a way of rubbing your neck raw. But you are an adult and you can deal with the discomfort.

Your infant faces that same discomfort with their car seat but they can’t handle it quite as well as you do. Most car baby seat straps come with very uncomfortable covers.

Either they are the wrong size or they are poorly made.

Either way, you will find that once your car seat’s straps induce distress in your infant, he or she will quickly make it your problem.

Not only will they struggle to sleep but they will grow to hate their car seat and that will make car trips a nightmare for you.

So, if you have a baby car seat, you definitely need to replace its strap covers with some homemade alternatives.

Of course, this assumes that the seat came with strap covers in the first place.

How to Make Baby Car Seat Strap Covers?

Now that you have been thoroughly convinced that your baby’s car seat requires proper strap covers, it is time to get started.

What You Will Need?

Making strap covers is a very short process. And all you need to get started is some soft fabric, cotton fabric, and batting pieces.

What You Should Do?

If you have all your ingredients on hand, then you can use these steps to make your own strap covers:

1). Preparation

Once you have chosen your soft fabric (minky will do just fine), you need to cut two squares of 6.5 inches each. Do this for the soft cotton fabric and the batting pieces as well.

2). Assembly

Put the right sides of the Minky and cotton fabrics together, and then place them on top of a batting square.

3). Pins and Threads

With all the squares in place, you can proceed to pin all three layers to keep them from shifting. Start sewing all around the sides.

You are encouraged to leave a gap of two inches or so. That way, your covers can be turned right side out.

4). Scissors

This step is simply for aesthetic purposes. Use scissors to cut the corners off at the appropriate angle. This will give your covers a sharper appearance.

Be careful not to ruin your stitching.

5). Velcro

If you remembered to leave the gap, turn your new strap cover right side out and top stitch around the sides.

Get a five-inch piece of Velcro and sew the rough side to one side of your fabric in a manner that leaves another gap (1/4-inch) between the Velcro and the sewn edge.

You can then attach the soft side of the Velcro on the other side. The goal is for the rough and soft sides to be on opposite ends.

Use pins to keep everything in place as you work. Don’t forget to sew all four sides once the Velcro is in place.

At this point, you are ready. You can either use the covers for yourself or give them out as a present. It’s your choice.

Precautions to Take When Making Baby Car Seat Strap Covers

Anytime you add an item to your Baby Seat, you should know that it runs the risk of debilitating the seat’s functionality.

This same issue applies to strap covers. If the strap covers you have made are too long or if they keep pushing the chest clip too far down, you will make a bad situation worse.

Before starting use, we should clean baby car seat straps properly.

So proceed carefully.

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