How to clean baby car seat straps

How to clean baby car seat straps in 4 easy steps

Car seats are great tools for keeping your child safe. But they are also a powerful source of germs.

This is especially true for the straps which directly touch your child and, thus are the most likely to either pick up germs or pass them on.

It is for this reason that so many manufacturers of baby car seats provide cleaning manuals. Now we are here for discussing about how to clean baby car seat straps. 

How Baby Car Seat Straps Get Dirty?

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Children are messy creatures. And if they spend any significant amount of time in their car seat, things are going to get gross.

It isn’t just the poop and the pee that you have to worry about but also the drool and the vomit and all the food with which they will inevitably splatter the straps.

Even if you have strap covers, that won’t be enough to keep every bodily fluid your child has from soaking into the straps over time.

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Can You Clean Infant Car Seat Straps?

This is the question parents everywhere ask. They don’t know if it is safe to clean the straps of their baby’s car seat.

And that is a rational worry to have. Improper cleaning techniques will damage your seat straps.

That matters because straps are an essential component of your child’s protection whenever you’re driving.

That being said, you can still clean the straps without causing them harm. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

The key is to proceed carefully.

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Why Cleaning Baby Car Seat Straps is 


Of course, the fact that cleaning car seat straps can damage them makes some people wonder whether they are better off simply not cleaning the straps in the first place.

But you don’t have a choice in the matter. Children are very sensitive beings, and it doesn’t take much to make them sick.

Car seat straps are great carriers of germs, and the fact that they come into direct contact with your infant means that they are perfectly placed to cause illness and disease.

Do not take the chance. Some skin infections could follow your child for the rest of his or her life.

To spare them the horror, you need to clean your baby car seat straps.

How Often We Can Wash Car Seat Straps?

Straps must be cleaned the moment they are exposed to any ostensible dirt or grime.

In other words, once your child drools, vomit or spills food and drink on the straps, get to work.

If you are still on the road, take a moment to wipe the mess away with some napkins. But once you get home, your straps must be treated to a more thorough cleaning.

The longer you wait, the more difficult the process will become. Besides such emergency spills though, you as the parent must decide how often your straps should be washed.

Your decision will depend on the number of times your child uses his car seat and how messy they tend to be.

What is Needed?

Washing car seat straps isn’t complicated work. All you need is a washcloth, a towel, and some soap. It all depends on the approach you wish to take.

Step by Step process

If you are new to baby car seats in general, just follow these steps and you will be fine:

1). Camera

Take some photos of your car seat. This will help you remember what your assembled seat is supposed to look like.

Do this before taking the seat apart.

2). Break

Disassemble the baby car seat. Take it out of the car and position it in a location from where you can operate freely. 

If the straps can be removed, take them off.

3). Clean

Make the washcloth damp, apply some mild soap and scrub the straps, the buckles and every other surface that matters.

To do this you can buy "Tide mild detergent". which is hypoallergenic and free of dyes and perfumes. And this gentler detergent won't ruin your baby car seat straps cover. 

Additionally, You can use a toothbrush for greater efficacy.

4). Dry

Use a wet clean cloth to remove the soap and then leave the straps out to dry in the sun.

To do this, you can buy cotton wash cloth or cotton dry cloth. "The Simpli-Magic" cotton dry cloth is made with pure cotton materials which ensures high absorbency, and fast drying.

What To Avoid While Washing Baby Car Seat


Do not soak the straps. That will weaken their integrity which will, in the long run, cause them to fray.

You should also avoid scrubbing too hard or using abrasive tools like brushes. 

Otherwise, the seams and the webbing will lose their strength and your child’s safety will be compromised.

This same warning applies to washing machines. Follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.

Can Detergent Ruin The Baby Car Seat Straps?

You are encouraged to only use a mild soap to clean car seat straps. Baby shampoo and body wash are also fine.

Detergents are not mild and they will cause irreversible harm to your straps. Do not use them to wash the straps.

Other Cleaning Methods

There is no definitive method for cleaning baby car seat straps. So long as you don’t use detergents and you avoid soaking the straps you will be fine.

Washing machines are also off the table. But other than that, any other approach you can think of will work.

Some people suggest using mild soap with warm water. Others believe that barely damp microfiber cloth and some baby shampoo is the way to go.

You also have people pushing for warm water and a sponge, so long as you remember to thoroughly rinse the straps.


When cleaning your baby car seat straps, you must proceed carefully. Whatever approach you choose, be gentle.

The straps are responsible for holding your child in place. If you wash them too roughly, their integrity will fail and no parent wants that. 

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