How to store jewelry at home

How to store jewelry at home

Are you feeling guilty because you have a mixed-up pile of jewelry? Are you thinking about how to store your beloved jewelry at home. You are not alone. Storing jewelry at a reliable and secure place is essential. However, it is not an easy task because there are many factors you need to consider.

For example, the method of storage will depend on the type of jewelry, the space available, and your choices. Below is an in-depth guide that will assist you how to store  your jewelry safe and secure at home.

What is the best way to store jewelry at home? 

Having a pile of beautiful jewelry is a fantastic feeling. Ornaments add class and beauty to men and women. Since most jewels have a personal significant behind them, it is wise to keep them in a clean, safe and dry place.

The best place to store your jewels is in a jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are safe, reliable, and very secure. Whether you have a special box or the ordinary one, make sure you wrap every piece of your jewelry in soft cloth or tissue paper. Here are the steps on how to store your jewelry at home

Step 1: At the beginning gather all of your jewelry together in one place . For example,                    You may  gather all of your jewelry on the bed or on the table.

Step 2: Do not clean your jewelry by water or chemical. Just clean them using a soft                    tissue or dry piece of cloth. And ensure that these cleaning accessories are dry. 

Step 3: Pick your all jewelry box or container.

Step 4: Separate the jewelry by size, style, type, component or metal.

Step 5: Choose multilevel storage and fill up the storage by size, style or type.

Step 6: Keep the box/container in a safe place.

How to keep Jewelry box organized?

For your jewels to remain safe and secure, you need to keep your jewelry box neat, clean and organized. 

 If the pieces are not organized, you may get them tangled or scratching one another. To have them tidy and orderly, have a jewelry box that has compartments to separate them. You will also keep each piece away from one another and avoid any damages.

How to store Jewelry in a safe?

If you do not want to display your precious pieces to everybody, you can keep them in a safe. Storing them in a safe protect them from harsh elements and also stealing. 

 You can buy special jewelry safe or use the standard personal safe. However, ensure they are neat, organized, and every piece should be aware of one another.

How to store Jewelry for travel?

If you intend to travel and you cannot leave your valuable pieces behind, there are many ways to ensure they are safe and secure.

One of the best ways is having a jewelry box. The box has holes to keep all your jewels safe. If some jewelry is of low maintenance, you can use a soft pouch.

What are the best home storing Ideas of jewelry you wear every day?

It is essential to separate jewelry that you wear daily and those that you wear rarely. Separating will help to get the jewelry you need right away and also prompt you of your choices.

There are several great home storing ideas of pieces you wear every day. But the plans depend on your space, your type of jewelry, and your preferences. Some of the ideas include:

Jewelry tree– one great method of keeping your necklaces tangle-free is on a jewelry tree. Here, you can hang bracelets, rings, and other accessories.

Picture frame– by removing the glass from the picture frame and pitting thumbtacks inside the frame, you can easily hang your jewelry on those tacks.

Glass bottle – another great idea is the use of a glass bottle. On the neck of the bottle, you can put your bracelets and necklaces.

Jewelry safe– the best place to keep all your jewels protected and secure is in a safe. The safe will protect them from elements that can tarnish precious metals and prevent theft.

Jewelry box– a jewelry box is another right best place you can keep your jewels to avoid damages, mixed-up, and theft.

Is it safe to store Jewelry in plastic?

If you want to prevent tarnish from forming on your precious jewelry, you need to store them in a plastic bag. Hence, keeping your precious metals on a plastic bag is safe and secure. However, you need to ensure the plastic bag is closed or tightly sealed.

How to store Gold Jewelry at home?

Gold Jewelry is the most precious pieces most people own. They are expensive, good-looking, and classy.

However, the metal can be damaged by scratches from hard jewels such as diamond. Therefore, you need to store them well. To keep them well, you should keep them in their original boxes or soft cloth bags.

How to store Silver Jewelry at home?

Silver jewelry should be stored clean and dry. Therefore, you should keep your silver pieces in a tarnish-proof space and not exposed to air.

You can purchase silver storage boxes that have tarnish proof fabric to keep your silver jewelry safe and secure. Besides, your silver jewelry should not get in-touch with items like rubber bands. Keep in mind that rubber has sulfur that can cause your silver jewelry to tarnish.

How to store diamonds at home?

Even though diamonds are some of the hardest elements on earth, they need to be stored well. Failure to keep them properly, they can get scratched by gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Also, diamonds can scratch your precious pieces that include gold, silver, and platinum. To avoid such issues, you need to store them in a soft pouch.

How can to keep jewelry secure in your home?

If you own precious pieces, you may be concerned about their security. Some jewels have significant meaning while others are costly.

You might be so devastated if they are stolen or destroyed. According to several studies, jewelry is the most stolen item in many homes.

 Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces secure in your home.

If you have many guests or during the holidays where many people are at home, leaving your jewelry lying on the table is something you should avoid. Ensure you keep them locked all the time.You can use round padlock for locking the cabinet where you store jewelry. Because round padlock is hard to cut by the grinders.

To make your house safe and secure, count on your neighbors help. With the neighbor's help, it is possible to spot unusual behaviors such as burglary.

Also, you can decide to have an alarm system if you have expensive pieces. And ensure you test the alarm often and make sure you set it before you leave the house.

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