How to Build Underground Food Storage

How To Build Underground Food Storage

How to build underground food storage? Everyone should know the answer to this question. Although people even do not think about this because of technological advancement.And most of the people have refrigerators, so the notion of building underground food storage won’t make sense to them.

However, you don’t build underground food storage because you need it at the present.

You build underground food storage to prepare for emergencies down the line. keep reading our article to learn how to build underground food storage at an emergency.

What is Underground Food Storage? 

This is exactly what it sounds like. Underground food storage is a structure that is constructed fully or partially beneath the surface and then used to store food items such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Why Build Underground Food Storage?

This is the question that everyone asks. Underground food storage made sense centuries in the past when civilization had no other means of preserving food.

But today, everyone has a refrigerator. So why should you spend so much money building underground storage?

The answer is simple. Underground food storage is designed to keep you alive and well during emergency situations.

A refrigerator sounds like a perfectly effective tool until an EMP, or floods or even wildfires take your electricity away.

And once your electricity disappears, your refrigerator becomes useless.

If you are stranded, with no immediate means of accessing help for several days, underground food storage will save your life.

In a way, these are essential survival tools that every American should have in order to prepare for the worst possible Outcomes.

How Underground Food Storage Helps You?

Underground food storage is just an underground structure. So you might wonder how it could possibly help you preserve your food.

If you dig ten feet beneath the surface, you will notice that the soil is constantly cool. And cool temperatures are great preservatives.

In other words, underground food storage is a natural refrigerator, the kind that doesn’t require chemicals or electricity to deliver results.

A General Guideline To Build Underground Food Storage

Can you build your own underground food storage? Definitely, but it will require a significant financial investment because you are basically undertaking serious construction.

If you are ready to do the work and spend the money, building your own underground storage goes something like this:

1). Hole

First, you need to dig a hole. The name itself (underground storage) tells you that your structure will be built below the surface.

So you need to dig a hole. Depending on the size you have in mind, you can use a shovel or an excavator.

2). Foundation

The first thing you have to do in any serious construction project is to pour the foundation, and this project is no different.

A professional would encourage you to pour concrete but if you do not have the money, you can get by with wooden boards or even some flat stones.

Just realize that concrete provides the sort of solid floor that will keep burrowing rodents out.

3). Walls

With your foundation in place, you can put up the walls. Again, you are encouraged to go with a solid material such as bricks.

But if you do not have the money, you can always find cheaper alternatives.

But, again, a solid wall will keep pests out where other cheaper alternatives might not.

4). Ventilation

Underground facilities must contend with the threat of ethylene gas buildup, which is why ventilation is required for underground food storage.

All you need is a few PVC pipes. One can stick out of the roof from where it will discharge ethylene gas. A second pipe near the floor will introduce fresh air to the structure.

5). Roof

Like every structure, your storage unit will need a roof. If you have the money, pour a concrete slab on top. Otherwise, you can always work with treated lumber.

Find an alternative that doesn’t degrade so quickly. Wood has this problem, though it will still work if you don’t have any other options.

6). Door

This goes without saying. You need a way to keep the storage unit safe and inaccessible when you are not around.

However, a door isn’t enough, though you will definitely need one. The underground food storage must be completely sealed.

Find every gap and close it. That is the only way to keep pests out.

Always keep locking the door for ensuring security. And all-time you should  use suitable, high temper lock for this types of storage. Otherwise, any person can theft your food by opening the lock.

7). Furnishing

Once your underground storage has been roofed and sealed, you can furnish it with shelves, boxes and whatever else you might need to store your food.

Notice that building underground food storage is a proper construction project, one that requires cement, and motor, and bricks and everything in between.

So if construction isn’t your forte, get help. Underground food storage isn’t the sort of structure you can just whip up on a lazy afternoon.


Now it is easier for you to build underground food storage. additionally, we have written some other building ideas for you that will help to decorate your home.

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