3 Best Bug Bombs for Storage Units in 2023

Storage units are supposed to keep your valuables safe from thieves. However, most of them cannot defend against pests. Insects are inevitable. They will follow the smallest food crumbs. And once they make a home in your storage unit, eliminating them won’t be easy.

You can try cleaning your valuables thoroughly before you store them. But that won’t keep the cockroaches and spiders away. Your only option is to deploy a bug bomb every few months.

However, bug bombs are tricky. Most of them won’t work on cockroaches. If you want to control a heavy cockroach infestation, you have to buy the best bug bomb for storage unit. Your options include:

Best Bug Bomb for Storage Unit Reviews

1. Hot Shot Fogger 6

This hot shot fogger for storage unit has two impressive qualities. First of all, not only does it kill on contact, but it will continue to kill for the next two months, which is why it is perfect for heavy infestations.

Secondly, bugs cannot hide from the product. It is designed to produce a fine mist that can penetrate the cracks that normally shelter insects. In other words, you don’t have to see the bugs to kill them.

You can use the fogger in apartments, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, and other enclosed spaces. Despite its potency, the fogger doesn’t leave stains or residue of any kind. It won’t harm your drapes, clothing, walls, and fabrics.

It works on everything from ants, roaches, and beetles to rice weevils, small flying moths, crickets, mosquitos, and more.

2. Kinzua Environmental Punch Bug Bomb

If you want the best bug bomb for storage unit, you don’t have to look any further than this product. The EPA-registered item will kill every insect listed on the packaging, including ants, mosquitos, and fleas. People use bug bombs like this one to tackle heavy infestations.

It works in residential and commercial settings. You can use it in campers, basements, cabins, apartments, boats, and the like. Before you ask, it doesn’t produce stains.

The manufacturer uses a formula that doesn’t generate an unsightly film. You don’t have to worry about the insecticide ruining your hard surfaces and fabrics.

Ifyou have an infestation, but you can’t locate all the insects, you can trust the bug bomb to find the intruders in the various crevices they use to hide.

The bug bomb comes in a flimsy 6-ounce can. And yet, it is far more formidable than its weight suggests.

3. Black Flag 11079

This is another insecticide that kills on contact. You don’t have to run after the bugs. It will find them regardless of where they have chosen to hide. Additionally, the insecticide doesn’t discriminate. Whether you have spiders, mosquitos, flies, ticks, roaches, or ants, it will kill them all and so much more. The item doesn’t look like much, yet it can treat an impressive 2,000 cubic feet.

It will bring the infestation in any given room to a definitive end. Many people avoid foggers and bug bombs because they can’t stand the smell. But that isn’t a concern here. Once this insecticide does its work, it will leave behind a surprisingly fresh scent.

You don’t expect an insect killer to improve the smell in your home. But that is why this product stands out. Though, you have to take all the obvious precautions. That includes covering food, dishes, utensils, and waxed wood floors. You should also close the windows and doors and deactivate the AC units.

Bug Bomb For Storage Unit Buying Guide

storage unit pest control

storage unit pest control

You have no hope of successfully locating the best bug bomb for storage unit unless you take these factors into account:

1). Target

Some bug bombs and foggers kill particular insects. Others claim to kill them all. But if you look at their packaging, you will notice a list of the bugs they specifically target. Look for products that specialize in killing the insects you want to eliminate.

2). Scope

What is the reach of the bomb? You have to prioritize products that can cover the area you want to treat. Foggers that cannot cover the target area won’t work. Most bug bombs will tell you the space they can treat. Pay attention to this information. You can find it on the packaging.

3). Duration

Most bug bombs are dangerous. You cannot remain in the room while they do their work. But how long should you stay away? With some products, you have to stay away for several days. Others will dissipate in a few hours. Find a bug bomb that fits your schedule.

Best Bug Bomb for Storage Unit FAQs

1). Should I Use A Bug Bomb Or A Bug Fogger For My Storage Unit?

Bug bombs and foggers are the same. These two terms are used interchangeably. At the end of the day, they mean the same thing. Their efficacy will depend on the product.

For the most part, you can’t use bug bombs and foggers to kill insects like cockroaches that spend a lot of time in hiding. This is because bombs and foggers primarily attack exposed surfaces.

That being said, some bug bombs and foggers are specifically designed to penetrate cracks and crevices. The rate of success will depend on the potency of the insecticide.

Bug bomb only works for killing insects like cockroaches. But for killing rat you need to use rat poisons.

2). Do I Have To Wash Everything After A Bug Bomb?

No, you don’t. That isn’t true for every single situation. Some bombs are more potent than others. However, in most cases, the residue a bug bomb produces loses its potency after a while.

You should open the windows and doors to let the smell out. You can also clean the various exposed surfaces if it gives you peace of mind. But the practice is not necessary, especially if you remember to keep all the utensils and food items in locked cupboards.

Washing multiple times after a bug bomb may increase the moisture level of the storage unit. Excess moisture attracts mold that can damage the items of the storage unit. That is why you may use a moisture absorber that can keep moisture away from the storage unit.

If you need more products for your storage unit, you may read another article on top storage unit lock.


As you can see, you cannot trust any random bug bomb to keep cockroaches out of your storage unit. The insects are resilient. They always find refuge in corners and crevices that bug bombs cannot reach.

But as you probably noticed from this list, the best bug bomb for storage unit can actually penetrate crevices and cracks. Every person with a storage unit should keep at least one of these bug bombs on hand.

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