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4 Best Rat Poisons For Storage Units in 2023

How do you protect the items in your storage unit from rats? You could pack them in airtight containers, clean them thoroughly before putting them in storage, keep them a few inches off the floor, and more.

But some items are too large and unwieldy to protect using conventional means, which is why you need rat poison. The best rat poison for storage units should kill quickly. It should also be easy to use.

But if you have never purchased rat poison, you won’t know how to identify suitable options from the many products on the market. If you’re entirely ignorant where this issue is concerned, you can save some time by making your selection from these options:

Best Rat Poisons for Storage Units Reviews

1. JT Eaton 166004 709 Rat Poisons for Storage Units 

There’s a reason why people call this the best rat poison for storage units. The anticoagulant block doesn’t stop at simply poisoning rats. The manufacturer uses a formula that gives the poison a peanut butter flavor.

In other words, you don’t have to force the rats to consume the block. They will flock to it without any encouragement, falling prey to the active ingredient (Diphacinone), which efficiently kills small rodents.

Because the 144 (one ounce) blocks come in a resealable pail, you can use them in basements and garages. This tells you that the blocks will work in your storage unit. The mice and rats will die within days of eating the blocks. The manufacturer has provided a 1-year limited warranty.

2. Just One Bite II Rat Poisons for Storage Units 

This 8.5-pound item targets smaller rodents. You can use the bar to kill any rats and mice that invade your storage unit. If you hate poison that only kills these creatures after they have eaten through your assets, this poison works quickly.

The amount of poison a mouse can consume in a night is enough to kill it. The bar won’t give these rodents a chance to harm your valuables. Though, on occasion, death may not occur for four or five days.

If you have Norway rats, which have some resistance, this poison will still kill them. Each pack comes with eight bars. Each bar is individually wrapped. It weighs just one pound. You can spread as many of them as you need around your storage unit.

3. NeogenRamik Green Fish Flavored Nuggets rat poisons

This rat poison uses first-generation anticoagulants, specifically diphacinone. If rats and mice are not your only challenge, it can also eliminate meadow voles. Depending on the rodent, the invaders should die within five days.

Though, they could die a lot sooner. The manufacturers have tested the formula to prove that it works. They have also laced the poison with a fish flavor. If the rats in your storage unit tend to ignore the poison, this product will draw them in before killing the creatures.

It works inside and outside regardless of whether the area is dry or damp. Though, it is most effective in wet conditions. You don’t want water in your storage unit.

But if moisture has entered the space, you can take comfort in the fact that it will enhance the efficacy of this product.

4. d-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Bait

This item is suitable for interior and exterior settings. Once the rodents take the bait, they will die within three days. You don’t have to monitor the poison. Once you set it, you can forget about it. The poison will do its work regardless of your presence or absence.

The fact that it works outside tells you that it has weather-resistant properties. The bait station prevents children and animals from tampering with the package or accidentally accessing and eating the poison. It doesn’t use neurotoxins or anti-coagulants. The manufacturer expects consumers to use gloves before handling the blocks.

Rat Poison For Storage Units Buying Guide

If you want to buy rat poison but need help selecting the right product, keep an eye out for the following:

1). Type

Rat poison can take different forms. You have block bait, which has high success rates because it is easy to use. Another option is grain bait, which is flexible because you can throw it at corners you usually can’t reach. Pasta bait comes in sachets that look like teabags. Rats are more likely to eat it because it doesn’t look suspicious.

Talk to other storage unit owners to identify the most effective type of rat poison for the rodents in the area.

2). Ingredients

If you have to handle the rat poison directly, consider the ingredients. Some products use ingredients that are so harmful you are better off allowing a professional exterminator to spread the poison.

But this poison won’t keep the cockroaches away from your storage unit. To kill cockroaches and spiders in the storage unit, you should use bug bomb

3). Volume

How much rat poison are you getting per package? Is it one small block per package, several bars, a kilogram of grain? Make sure the volume justifies the price, and it is sufficient for the size of the storage unit.

If the quantity is too small, the rodents won’t eat enough of the poison to die, especially if you have a large infestation.


You have to be careful where rat poison is concerned. Some products are too benign to control your rodent infestation. Others are too poisonous for you to handle. You are better off hiring a professional to deploy them.

The best rat poison for storage units is balanced, which the products above offer. They are balanced: easy to use, available in large quantities, capable of killing within days, and contained within packages that discourage children and pets from tampering with them. They will keep your unit’s valuables safe.

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