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Top 10 Best Lego storage reviews 2023

Are you suddenly having issues with your HUGE collection of LEGO and LEGO-built sets taking over every corner of your home? Below we present you with some wonderful Best Lego storage solutions that will offer guidance and inspiration on how to store Lego and built Lego sets. While the tips we provide are full of inspiration, they are additionally intended to show you some meaningful ways to organize and display your Lego and built or completed Lego projects. Continue reading to discover some of the most innovative, clever and best Lego storage ideas and tips for built and non built sets.

Best Lego storage Solutions

People are searching for different types of solutions to store their built and non-built Lego sets. According to our market surveys, people are normally look for the following items to store their Lego:

  • Lego storage Bag. 
  • Lego storage Table
  • Lego storage Organizer
  • Lego storage Brick
  • Lego storage Drawers
  • Lego storage Box
  • Lego storage Container 

Now, we are going to describe different Lego storage Ideas and solutions  for each and every categories listed above.

01. Best Lego storage Bags

1.1  LEGO Cinch Bucket

Whether you need to store your Legos at home or you intend to transport them, the Lego Cinch bucket is designed to make the process of managing your Legos easy.

Rather than throwing them into an ordinary bucket and hoping for the best, this Lego Storage device will swallow all your bricks and then secure them with a drawstring.

So you can go running on the beach knowing that you do not have to worry about some of your Legos slipping out and going missing.


  • The bucket is made from CPSIA complaint material that does not contain Lead, PVC or any other noxious elements.
  • The base of the bucket is designed to repel water. Additionally, the storage device is made from recycled polyester that is easy to clean.
  • Legos are secured by a cinch collar closure that is reliable whilst also being easy to operate.
  • The webbing handle provided is not only durable but it makes the transportation of the bucket very easy.
  • When there are no Legos in the bucket, it folds into a flat shape that simplifies the process of storing it.
  • The bucket only weighs four ounces.


  • The price is a little steep.
  • The bag is on the small side
  • It only comes in two colors


If you need a bag for storing Lego in the home easily or storing and traveling with Lego, then this bag is useful for you.

1.2  LEGO 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat

This 1.76-pound bag is the Lego Storage Device you want if you own a lot of Legos. The product stands out because it starts as a bag with three color-coded containers.

But once you reach your play area, you can unzip the entire bag and spread it out to form a mat upon which you can play with your Legos. The item essentially combines a Lego storage unit with a Lego play mat.

You can’t get any more efficient than this.

But, It is not designed for rigorous play. If your child pulls at it a little too roughly, it will come apart in no time at all.


  • Three color-coded containers are provided for storage. You can store your Legos based on criteria like age, type of Lego, owner, etc.  
  • The bag unzips into a mat. So you don’t have to worry about littering the floor with Legos and possibly even losing a few. The mat will contain them all.
  • Containers have clear EVA windows that will allow you to keep an eye on your Legos
  • The handles are made from a durable webbing that simplifies transportation.
  • The body is recycled polyester.
  • The bag has a 30 Liter capacity. It can store over 2000 Legos
  • The product is made from CPSIA compliant material that doesn’t have dangerous elements like Phthalates and PVC.


  • The bag is somewhat flimsy. 
  • The price is steep


If you face problems with storing of a large number of Lego, you should  buy this bag.

1.3  LEGO Organizer Cubes (Three Piece)

This storage item basically features three separate storage cubes for your Legos that can fit inside one another when they are empty. This makes them much easier to store.

The cubes vary in size and color. So you can store your Legos based on whatever criteria suits you.


  • The bags come with a zip top closure that will secure your bricks, keeping them from falling out and getting lost
  • You are getting three bags for the price of one Lego Bag.
  • Even when the bags are fitted inside one another, you can still collapse them into a flat shape that makes storage simple.
  • Each bag has a clear EVA window that allows you to view your Legos. This will help you identify the different types of Legos stored in the different cubes before you open them.
  • You can store more than 500 Legos
  • The cubes are made from a very flexible material that allows you to zip them shut no matter how full they might be.


  • The Cubes are too small.
  • Because of their flexible material, the bags can’t stand up straight and tall unless they are full.


If you need different colored bags for different types of Lego, then this bag can serve your purpose. 

1.4  Play and Go Disney Minnie

This 140 centimeter (Diameter) bag won’t just hold your Legos.

It will store all your toys.

That includes dolls, cars, trains and everything in between.

Made from pure cotton fabric, the bag also works as a mat that will keep all the playing restricted to a single easily controllable location.

The bag is really more of a sack. You can keep it at home, carry it to the beach, transport it to a friend’s house, whatever you find convenient.


  • The product is both a storage sack and a playing mat. 
  • It can hold all kinds of toys.
  • You can deploy it in any environment.
  • The sack’s contents are secured using drawstrings which anyone can use easily and quickly.
  • The item is made from 100 percent premium cotton.
  • It only weighs fourteen ounces.


  • As a mat, some children might struggle to walk on it. 
  • It can prove to be somewhat slippery but that mostly depends on the surface upon which it has been spread.


If you want to save your time and do not want to give much time to organize your Lego, then this bag will save your time.

02. Best Lego storage Table

2.1  UTEX Play Table with Storage Drawers

This is first and foremost a table that children aged three years and above can use to play.

It has construction panels that will match most Lego bricks.

 But you can also switch the panels out for a smooth surface depending on what your child wants.It has drawers on the side where you can keep all your blocks once you are done playing.


  • The Table is the perfect height for young children. They can easily access it even when they are sitting. 
  • You get both a smooth playing surface and construction panels.
  • The drawers on the size provide convenient storage for your toys.
  • At 24 ounces, the table is pretty light.
  • There is plenty of space in the drawers for Legos as well as other supplies.


  • The table is made from particle wood rather than the hardwood that is promised. As such, it isn’t solidly built. It can’t last long under the use of children that play aggressively. 


If you need a table for playing and storing of Lego, this table is the market leader for this purpose.

2.2  KidKraft Activity Table with storage

This item was designed to provide both playing and storage space.

The top is large enough to contend with more than one child playing at the same time.

It is also compatible with more than two hundred Lego Blocks.

This is on top of providing storage under the board upon which all the playing takes place.

But you can’t get to the Legos in the storage space without removing the playing board. This becomes a problem if you have a project that you have constructed on the board. You risk spilling everything.


  • You get both playing and storage space in a single unit. 
  • The product has impact resistant components.
  •  It was built with rounded corners that enhance the safety of your child.
  •  The product’s plywood construction is quite sturdy
  • Most Lego pieces will fit on the playing board.
  • The table is very easy to put together


  • The child must sit or kneel. The table is not tall enough to permit the use of chairs.


If you have little free space for set up the lego storage table, then buy this activity table. It will save your space and provide both storing and playing facility.

2.3  Play Platoon Kids Activity Table with storage

When you buy this item, you get a water table, a smooth table for general use, and a Lego surface from where you can play with your bricks.

Your child is covered regardless of whether they want to draw, play with water or pursue creative projects using their Legos.

You also get a storage unit for your toys. Basically, once your child sits at this table, he or she doesn’t need to go anywhere.


  • The item is three different products in one: water, brick, and a smooth general purpose table.
  • Convenient Lego storage is provided.
  • The table comes with two chairs.
  • Your kids also get twenty-five Jumbo bricks. 
  •  The building surface is compatible with a variety of brick types and sets.
  • The table boasts a solid, durable build.
  • Switching between surfaces is easy.
  • The chairs are plastic, so they are difficult to break.


  •  You have to force original Lego pieces to fit into the brick building surface. They do not fit easily. They are just as difficult to remove.


If you want a play table with storage facility and chair for sitting to give a safe and easy playing system for your child, then you should go for it.

03. Best Lego storage Organizer

3.1  Honey-Can-Do Toy and Lego Organizer

This organizer isn’t as much a Lego Storage device as it is a toy chest weighing roughly ten pounds. Boasting wood finish and metal rods, the chest has eight large containers and four small containers that will house all your toys, not just the bricks.

The containers are plastic, so you can trust that they will last for quite a while. The makers also provide attachments that you can use to mount the chest to a wall, preventing it from falling on top of your child.

You get twelve containers within which you can store toys of varying sizes. The containers vary in color which makes organization and arrangement easier. Moreover, The product is quite easy to clean. The fact that the surfaces are stain resistant helps.


  •  The chest is crafted from durable material.
  • The containers are removable.
  • The item is very easy to assemble.
  • The rounded corners make the chest less injury-prone


  • The small bins are a little too small.
  • Some consumers complained that their chest came with a strong odor that did not immediately dissipate.


This is suitable for storing Legos as well as other toys.

3.2  Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Organizer

This isn’t just another Lego Storage Chest. You get shelves with drawers, of course. But the item also has wheels. So you can transport it from place to place with ease.

For that reason, you will find this product in the home, in the classroom, in the art studio, basically, any location that requires you to store and organize multiple items.

Naturally, it will hold your Legos. But you can trust it to keep your kitchen utensils, paint brushes, papers, pens, bathroom accessories, etc. This is despite the fact that it only weighs 8.6 pounds.

The drawers are nearly transparent. So you can see their contents. The wheels make transportation and maneuverability easy. The Wheels also feature a locking mechanism that enhances the product’s stability.


  • The storage item has a flat surface at the top that can act as a workspace.
  • The makers of the product provide all the tools you need to assemble it.
  • You can use it in a variety of settings.


  • Once assembled, the cart isn’t quite as sturdy as some people would like.
  • The drawer slides are sharp enough to break the skin.


This is also suitable for storing Various types of toys  as well as Lego.

04. Lego storage Closet/ Shelves for built Lego set

4.1  SONGMICS DIY Storage Shelves

This SONGMICS product is a full-blown storage closet that consists of nine 16mm metallic cubes that are interlocked using plastic connectors.

You can arrange the cubes in any configuration you desire. Once the connectors are in place, the structure they create is sturdy enough to hold everything from toys to shoes and even books.

But you can easily store and display built Lego set here.

This closet is very versatile. You can arrange the cubes in whatever design you require to fit your kitchen, bedroom, office and any other location you might have in mind.

The closet doesn’t just hold toys. You can use it to organize any items you might have lying around the house.

This item is very strong and long lasting. SONGMICS uses four steel bars to support each cube. That guarantees the sturdiness and stability of the entire structure.


  • The closet is stylish. You shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into the décor of your home or office.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 16 pounds.


  • It takes a few hours to put the shelves together, depending on your skill level.
  • Even though it invites kids to climb it, this closet cannot hold the weight of a child.


This can bed used for storing and displaying any items but you can store and display your built Lego set also here.

4.2  KOUSI Toy Organizer Shelves

Anyone looking for a spacious Lego Storage Unit will love this KOUSI Wardrobe. It features 16 cubes each of which supports an estimated 22 pounds. You can either use the cubes individually or stack them like shelves.
Each cube has a door with a distinct cartoon animal. You do not require help putting the whole arrangement together. You can store toys, CDs, books, etc.

This product is very effective to store not only Lego but also different types of toys. Firstly, With its 16 cubes, this product is very spacious. Secondly,  The versatile design allows the wardrobe to store a wide variety of items. Thirdly, The cartoon animals on the doors will allow you to keep track of the contents of each cube without having to open them. And Finally, There are holes in the doors that allow the contents of the cube to aerate, preventing bad odors from building up.


  • Assembly and disassembly are quite straightforward.
  • The product is dust-resistant


  • The wardrobe is made from cheap material that is unlikely to contend with the wear and tear that comes from your children playing with the cubes.

05. Lego storage Bricks

5.1  LEGO Brick Drawer

The Lego Brick Drawer is just that, a Lego Brick with a Drawer. It features Lego studs that you can use to stack it with other Lego Bricks. So you can get creative whilst also keeping your Legos safe.

The drawers are appropriate for your toys and other items like diapers, lotions, and sheets. The Lego Brick Drawer can be kept anywhere, not just on the floor but on a table, a shelf, any surface that suits you.


  • The bricks come in a number of colors
  • You can stack the bricks to form a larger Lego storage unit.
  • You can use the product anywhere, not just at home, and it is versatile enough to store other items besides Legos and Toys
  • The Lego bricks are made from a safe plastic material that is easy to clean.


  • The Lego Brick Drawer has been known to crack, and for no apparent reason in some cases.

5.2  LEGO Storage Brick 8

This is a large brick that can be used to store normal-sized Legos. It can be stacked with other blocks to form a larger storage unit.

Made from Plastic Polypropylene, the device will hold small utensils and other items from around the office.

It is suitable for kids aged three years and above. It does not come with Lego Bricks.


  • The Brick is available in multiple colors
  • You can stack multiple bricks to form one large storage unit for your Logos
  • You can store other small utensils and items besides Legos.
  • The bricks are PVC Free
  •  Some consumers claim to have stored as many as three thousand Lego Pieces in one brick.


  • The storage brick has small circles on the inside in which small Lego pieces can get stuck. You need a tool like a knife to pry them free.

06. Lego storage Head

6.1 Lego storage Head Large

This storage item is shaped like the iconic Lego head. Made from Plastic Polypropylene, the head has a top that you must lift open to reveal the storage space within.

The product is very durable. And as with other Lego devices, you can stack multiple storage heads to save on space.

You can get storage heads with different faces. This makes the order in which you stack the heads even more interesting. You can personalize your Lego storage.


  • The heads are strong and sturdy.
  • They are made from a material that is PVC free.
  •  You can stack the heads to save on space.
  • The heads will liven up any room in which you place them.
  • Each head is nine inches in diameter and ten inches long. That makes it quite roomy.


  • The face on the head is a little too easy to scratch off.
  • Some consumers have complained that the lid is easily knocked off.

07. Lego storage Container

7.1 LifeSmart Storage Container

This Lego Storage device is lightweight but strong, boasting a sturdy plastic build. It features five tiers with fifty adjustable compartments. 

The compartments can store Legos and other toys. The whole unit acts as a hub for all your child’s things.

A strong lid is provided to secure the contents of the compartments. 

The product is versatile enough to contend with arts and crafts, dolls and any other items of the right size you might want to store.


  • You get fifty compartments each of which is compatible with the dimensions of Legos.
  •  The five tiers easily detach and snap back together, giving you more maneuverability.
  • The lid snaps securely shut. You need not worry about the contents spilling out
  •  You get sticky letters that allow you to personalize your labels.
  •  It comes with a handle that helps you carry the whole unit.


  • The compartments are not as big as their pictures suggest.

Different Lego Storage Ideas

01.  Lego Displays & Storage

lego display

lego display

Organizing your collection of Lego sets shouldn’t be about the pieces only; it should also be about the assembled or built sets. In most modern homes, there are plenty of shelves installed on walls. You can put some of the shelves to good use by using them as displays and storage areas for the already assembled pieces. In addition, you can use the shelves in your children’s bedrooms cleverly to display the built Lego collections. If the available shelves are not sufficient, you might want to consider adding more. While these take up a lot of real estates particularly in smaller rooms, you can sacrifice the little space for the benefit of gaining storage.

lego shelves

lego shelves

02. Storage Created Under the Bed 

store lego under the bed

store lego under the bed

Some kids enjoy building and assembling their LEGO sets and prefer not to take them apart. Therefore, if your child loves to keep the assembled pieces intact, then a special kind of storage created under the bed will work magic. The already completed sets are fitted on a basic slide-out board thus presenting the perfect storage solution.

03. A Removable Open Bin

If your child is an active builder who prefers to have his or her hands on the LEGO sets constantly, then you might find it helpful to use a removable open bin storage unit. The set up of removable and open bin storage is a superb idea as the storage system allows for the storage of built Lego sets as well.

04. A Table With Attached Lego Boards

A clever idea for storing the assembled sets your kids have completed or those they are still working on involves buying or making a table with some Lego boards attached to it either by double-sided tape or glue. This is great particularly if you wish to display the assembled sets while still keeping them in storage as well. yet another fabulous idea involves having drawers for storage underneath the table for your sets. This incorporates a play surface and storage for your sets. And also you can store your Lego instruction on the storage of the table.

05. Lego Tray

This may not necessarily be a storage idea for your built Legos, but it’ll sure help you keep the assembled pieces contained in one space while your little one plays with them. Some of the popular types of Lego trays can be used on the floor, in bed, or on the floor. Therefore, investing in the right tray for your built Lego pieces presents you with a fantastic way to ensure everything stays together while preventing the sets from getting lost. This can also come in handy in the car on those long trips.

06. The Builder’s Dream Room

Shelves in the wall

Shelves in the wall

Can you imagine the excitement in your little one’s eyes when you turn her bedroom into the ultimate LEGO builder’s dream room? You can achieve this with wall-to-wall LEGO boards that cover the walls of her room from floor to ceiling. Your kids will certainly love to build against or with gravity. Furthermore, every creation or assembly will become an integral part of this play space architecture.

06. Lego Closet

Simply convert an existing bedroom closet into a Lego room or closet. Maximize the Lego closet by adding display and storage options. Use the inexpensive garage-type shelving together with some plastic bins, which you can carry to the assembly area.

Or You can buy SONGOMIS Orgnizer unit to organize and display built lego sets. This storage shelves has very nice outlooking and it is strong as well. 

 If you wish to create your own Lego closet, it is advisable that you check the local home improvement stores for storage and shelving options.

07. Big plastic Box

Big plastic box

Big plastic box

Are you inspired enough to organize your space by keeping your assembled Lego organized and neat in your space? you’ll gladly discover that there are tons of storage supplies and products that you can use innovatively to inspire your creativity in any of the rooms in your home. Try out these tips and Lego storage ideas for built sets and discover new ways to maximize the available space.

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