How to make baby car seat cover

How To Make Baby Car Seat Covers:10 Easy Steps for you

If you are looking for a way to make a good car seat protector put on a baby seat and prevent the seat from getting damaged, you are in the right place.

In this article, we show you the best material to use and the steps to follow when making a baby car seat cover. With these seat protectors, you will get your car to continue as new because the chair will not damage the seat.

The point is that sometimes making a cover from a new, modern and nice fabric like the one I used on this occasion, which is a 100% cotton print of Chunks and Fabrics, has totally changed the experience of using the car seat that I had of my eldest son.


To begin with, we'll take the chair and measure it. We have to calculate the fabric and we will do it by measuring the surface of the chair and the backrest, we will add these dimensions and we will add at least 6 cm of seams (3 cm for the upper part and 3 cm for the lower part).

In my case, I have used 1m for 1'5m of knitted fabric and I have had enough.

I have also used knitted interlining for the eyelets and 0.5 cm rubber for the whole contour. In this way, being a cover we will adjust it.

And now here are the 10 steps on how to make baby car seat covers:


We dismantle the removable parts, yes, those that are attached to the structure of the stroller, but we can remove them without a problem. By separating them we will be able to line them independently and they will fit us much better.


 We chose a knitted fabric to make it more flexible and adaptable. The stitch will not pull and so we can adjust leaving the cover to measure.


We will use frixion marker and pins to mark the pieces on the fabric.


  We will draw on the chair the different pieces and the place of the eyelets.


 Cut the pieces and mark the contours on both sides.


Place the pieces and mark the contours on both sides.


 We will renew the pieces of the straps imitating the form in which they are sewn.


We join the pieces with the netting or elastic stitching of a flat machine.


As it is a cover, the edges have a rubber band. We make with a stitching the fold to lodge the rubber.


Make the eyelets. I advise you to glue knitted interlining on the back and thus we will get that the buttonholes are not stretched and lose their shape.


It is very important to look at the quality of the materials. These should be of the highest quality, to avoid that the chair has contact with the seat and could damage it. There are really very fine models, which can cause the seat to eventually get damaged. For this reason, always bet on protectors that have good cushions.

To this we must add that the cover must be very well integrated into the seat, to prevent dirt from entering the seat. I recommend that every time you clean the vehicle remove the protector to clean it and clean the seat.

Do not leave it a long time, because this could cause dirt to cling to the upholstery and therefore it took a very ugly color.

Another thing that I recommend you look at is that the case allows you to put the chair facing forward or backward. If we are talking about a good protector, both ways should offer you good protection.

You should always look at whether or not it fits the chairs. Not all models work with this variety of chairs, so I recommend you look at it before making the purchase. For example, the models that I have shown on the top, all include this option, because they are of good quality and adapt to all varieties of chairs.

Point to note

It is very important that you ensure that you have the anti-slip function, to prevent the protector from sliding on the seat and therefore causing the chair to move.

If you buy a quality model, you will not have problems in this aspect, but if you acquire a model of poor quality, then surely this happens to you. If you see that it slips, do not hesitate and do not use it.

And it is that before any braking the same one can move and cause that the chair moves, subtracting security to your baby. And as you know, with the safety of a baby you do not play, so you always have to buy quality things to avoid any type of accident.


As for the design, it is not important at all, because it will not be seen since the chair will always be on top. Keep in mind that the vast majority of models are black, so in this aspect, you will not find much to choose from.

What you should look at is that it is easy to install and remove. The models that I have recommended in the previous list are very easy to install, so in that aspect, you will not have problems.

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