How to clean baby car seat cover

How Do I Wash My Baby’s Car Seat Cover

Babies naturally have sensitive skins which must be properly minded at all times. From the clothes, they wear to the places they sit. The car seat is where the battle against germs begins. With this guide on how to wash baby car seat cover, looking after your baby's skin and general needs should be a smooth ride.

What you need

Your requirements for this exercise will depend entirely on the method of cleaning that you choose to adopt. For instance, if you want to shake the dust off, a vacuum should be a welcome option

Use baby wipes or tissue if the mess in question is not as serious. Some of it will only need to be scooped and the seat will be just as clean.

5 easy steps to clean baby car seat cover 

Step 1:

Disassemble the whole seat from the car first. This will make it easier for you to remove the cover from the seat for thorough cleaning.

Step 2;

Vacuum, brush, or dust it to remove the loose dirt.

Step 3;

At this point, it is safe to put the cover into the washing machine. Be keen especially on the temperatures under which your washing machine operates. If your seat cover is pure cotton, 60 degrees Celcius is okay.

All other fabrics, as well as dark colors, are safe at 40 degrees.

Step 4;

If the car seat cannot be disassembled, take a dry cloth or sponge and wipe off all the stains. Dip them in a detergent that is considered mild and clean thoroughly.

Step 5;

As soon as you are through washing your baby seat cover, you can dry them using two options. If the manufacturers permit it, you can use the dryer, or hang it out in the open sunlight to dry.

How the dirt affects?

With babies on board, you can expect just about anything. From spillages to drools, to sweat. All these put together explains why the baby car seat cover must be cleaned and washed frequently.

You have an option of placing a protective covering on the seat cover to avoid having to wash it all the time. Babies are unpredictable and you can never know when the seat cover will get messed up.

Don't do?

A baby seat cover is very sensitive and must be treated as such. Babies have sensitive skins which should be looked into at all times. In regards to this, there are some things to avoid when cleaning up their seat covers.

Top on the list is the wild detergents which might cause sudden rashes on the babies' skins. Mild detergents should be used sparingly to avoid other dire repercussions.

Another thing to avoid is letting the cover stay out in the hot sun for too long. The fabric will become tougher than usual and will be damaged in other ways.

Can you clean infant car seat cover?

As babies grow, they become less susceptible to all kinds of harm. In relation to the seat cover, an infant seat cover should not be washed too often. This will ruin the fabric and it will wear off too fast.

To avoid this, buy a covering for the infant seat cover. This will make it easier to take care of the infant seat cover. You will only have to peel it off any time it needs cleaning.

Why clean baby car seat cover is necessary?

A clean baby car seat cover is necessary as it promotes good health in children. When done effectively and thoroughly, the atmosphere changes for the best. Children deserve to breathe clean air and a generally clean environment.

When washing the car seat cover is not among your plans, the least you can do is vacuum or brush it. The main point here is to expose your child to a clean place to sit and play.

Are there any other cleaning options?

As has been mentioned, there are other options for cleaning your baby's car seat cover. It all depends on how messy or dirty it really is. Brushing off the loose dirt such as dried food particles is one way to do so.

A portable and cordless vacuum has become a popular method among most parents. It works especially for those who have no plans of going all the way to have a clean baby seat cover.

What is the effect of cleaner to baby car seat cover?

It is close to impossible to clean a baby car seat cover thoroughly without detergent. However, the nature of the one you use is what will determine the outcome of your cleaning.

Since our point of focus is the babies, a mild detergent is an idea that must be embraced. Harsh detergents are known to cause quite a stir especially when it comes to babies' items.

Other options

If you are the parent that is always too busy to clean your child's car seat cover, have another one on standby. This helps, for example, if you have to make an impromptu trip with your child out of town and forgot to clean the seat cover.

Extra care

After disassembling the baby car seat cover, watch the straps. When reattached wrongly, your child suffers the consequences. Be extra careful especially about this factor and consult your manual when it gets too tough for you to handle.

If you notice that the straps to the baby car seat covers are not in good condition, have them replaced soonest possible. Your baby's safety is guaranteed in this way.

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