how to build outdoor storage box

Build an outdoor storage box:Pros and cons

Tired of having a messy deck with cushions and pillows spread all over? Then its time for you to acquire a storage box. Despite the many varieties in existence on the market, getting the one that is best suited to you pause a challenge.

Most of them are highly priced and may not appeal to your style of life. Due to these reasons, you may be forced to build one for yourself. Fear not as I'm going to guide you step by step on how to build an outdoor storage box. Let's get started!

How to build an outdoor storage box

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Before we dive in, let me point out the materials and tools that you need.


  1. One 4'x8' sheet of pine plywood.
  2. Six 2"x1" pre-primed trim board
  3. 5/8"x 8' quarter round trim
  4. Two 3.5" galvanized utility hinges
  5. Two 2.5"swivel caster wheels made of rubber. One pair with locks and other two without locks
  6. Exterior paint


  1. Finishing nail gun
  2. Table saw or Skil saw
  3. Miter box
  4. 3M Marine adhesive
  5. 3M white wood filler
  6. 3M Tekk protection glasses and work tune hearing protectors
  7. Quality primer
  8. Painters tape

Step by Step Process to build an outdoor storage box

Step 1: Cutting the plywood

Put on your 3M Tekk protection glasses. This is for your eyes' safety. Measure the plywood as illustrated below using a Miter box or Tape measure. You may have your own dimensioning depending on the size of the box that you want.

Just make sure to have dimensions that will allow you to use one single plywood. This will help you minimize wastage. Then cut the plywood along the measurements using a Table saw or Skil saw.

Step 2: Assembling the panels

The purpose for your box will determine the type of materials you use for assembling. In our case, we will be using 3M marine sealant and nails. The sealant is the best choice because of its weather resistance and strength.

Place the base panel on a surface that is elevated. Make sure that it hangs a little bit from the edge. Apply the bead on the edges. Then attach the other panel along the edge as shown below.

Have someone help you hold it steady. Using the nail gun nail it after every few inches. This will secure the box more firmly. Ensure you cover your ears with the 3M Tekk hearing protectors to protect you from the constant nailing noise.

Repeat the same procedure with the other edges applying the sealant and nailing every time. Caulk all the seams once you're done with the base and the sides. Use 3M Marine sealant to caulk.

Step 3: Adding Reinforcements and Painting

Hold the trims along the edges and mark the measurements. Then cut the trim boards according to the size of both the top, bottom, and sides. Glue the top, bottom, and side trims then nail them.

Apply PVC molding along the edge of the lid to finish up. Then hinge it and nail it onto to the box. You can add 2 1x2" trim boards to the bottom of the lid. This will improve its strength and rigidity.

Use the 3M Wood filler to feel all the nail holes. Then lightly sand the patched places. Use 3M Abrasive sandpaper to sand. Place your box on a drop cloth. Then apply 2 coats of Exterior latex paint.

Finally, screw 4 casters at each bottom corner of the box. Also, attach the galvanized hinges on both the lid and the box. You can paint the inner side of the lid with the color of your choice. There you go!

Benefits of Outdoor storage box

Every person in the world loves to enjoy warm weather in the outdoors. And the gathering and sports activities increase if it is a sunny day.

As a homeowner, your responsibility to keep your outdoor space neat and clean as your relatives or neighbors may come to enjoy their time in your outdoor. So, the importance of outdoor storage box is beyond descriptions.

There is a lot of available stylish outdoor storage box in the market. You are free to get any of them. Additionally, you can customize your box by direct contacting with the manufacturer.

But I think it is wastage of both time and money

Simply you can make your own outdoor storage box. 

And also you should think about what you should keep in the outdoor storage box.

  1. Gardening Tools
  2. Hand tools
  3. Bedding
  4. Working shoe
  5. Working dress
  6. Pillow
  7. Matt
  8. Plastic pipe etc.

Why you need an outdoor storage box:

  1. To save your indoor storage space.
  2. To organize tools, pillow, small bedding etc.
  3. To get the right thing at the shortest time spending.
  4. To beautify outdoor.
  5. To keep your storage item dry and safe.
  6. To save the outdoor storage space.
  7. This box will store your belongings organized.
  8. To store books for outdoor reading.

When you are working in your outdoor space, you need all your tools on hand. If the required tools stored in the indoor box, you have to spare time to collect this. when you need rest after working outdoor, you can take out cushions from the storage box and take a rest by laying your head on it. If you think that it is difficult to make your own outdoor storage box, check out our list of outdoor cushions storage boxes.


One of the objectives of preparation of outdoor storage box is to provide you the sufficient storage space to store your items throughout the year.

If you build your outdoor storage box with plastic, it will protect also your tools and other storage during the rainy season or snowfall.

For additional security, you can lock up your outdoor storage boxes. 

You can use a padlock to protect your boxes. There are many types of padlock available in the market . Among them American Lock A700D is the best padlock for your storage unit, Because drill out the padlock is not easy.


Normally this type of boxes includes wheel and handle to make it portable. According to the necessity, you can shift the box from one place to another. And it will not require enough effort as the box is not heavy.

Assemble and disassemble:

As these boxes are easy to build, you can disassemble them easily. You can use normal hand tools to assemble and disassemble.

Requirement for Maintenance

The outdoor storage box will require very little maintenance. It will not damage until and unless affected by the fire.

The disadvantage of an outdoor storage box

The only disadvantages of the outdoor storage box are its security issue. As its place in the outside, the chance of theft is increasing.

It is better to place an outdoor storage box under a shed. A shed can protect this box from rain, bad weather etc.

Special tips

Do not place it over a soil because soil increases the chance of insects to come in.

Try to place it over a solid surface.

However, If you store your valuables in the storage unit, you need storage unit boxes to transfer your goods and valuables from your house to the storage unit.

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