Best Outdoor Storage Box For Cushions

Outdoor is a place of play and fun. To enjoy the time while playing or taking a rest in the outdoor, we need different outdoor furniture in our hands. The cushion is one of the most necessary items required in both indoor and outdoor. To keep cushions safe and secure, we need the best outdoor storage for cushions. Outdoor cushion storage can save indoor space and reduce the stress of handling outdoor cushions.

There are different types of outdoor storage options for cushions available in the market.  In our article, we have compiled the top 3 best outdoor cushion storage that will help you for organizing your outdoor.

Top 3 Best outdoor storage for cushion reviews

1. Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Outdoor Cushions storage box

Keter Borneo 110 Gallon deck box is our top pick for storing outdoor cushions. It has a lucrative style and many features that can attract customers. It is made out of polypropylene which is rust, peel and dent resistant.  It is durable in all weather. No sun exposure or heavy rain can damage this deck box as it is made from UV-protected resin.

You can easily store cushions and other accessories in this deck box because of its spacious design. The automatic opening mechanism ensures that you will not feel any trouble opening the storage box when your hands are not empty. Not only does it allow you to store outdoor cushions, but also it allows sitting two adults comfortably over it.

 Moreover, if you want to secure your outdoor cushion storage box from theft, you will lock this box with any kind of padlock. The outdoor cushion storage box is so durable that the manufacturer gives two years of warranty support. 

2. Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box for Cushion Storage                       

The Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box is also a good product for storing your outdoor cushion. The large storage capacity of this storage box can store all of your cushions and other outdoor things.

The Keter Marvel Plus Outdoor cushion Storage Box has an impressive design that will grab your attention. The polypropylene and resin construction makes this storage box so strong and durable that it will not damage even in harsh weather. Moreover, it is an anti-rust, anti-peel, and anti dent storage box.

The Keter Marvel cushion Storage Box has extra seating options. Two adults can easily seat over it. Unlike the Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Outdoor Cushions storage box, this storage box is built-in handles that ensure easy moving anywhere outdoor. Additionally, for easing mobility, It has wheels at the bottom so you can easily move it.

Just like the first one on our list, this storage box comes with a lockable latch. To keep your outdoor cushions and other accessories safe, you can easily lock this box with your lock.

3. YITAHOME 100 Gallon Outdoor Cushions Storage box.

When it comes to durable, high storage capacity boxes at compatible price points, YITAHOME 100 Gallon Outdoor Cushions Storage box may be the right choice for you.

The YITAHOME Cushions Storage box is made of waterproof poly resin that will not fade and rust. With a 100-gallon capacity, it's spacious enough to store around 20 cushions and other accessories. It has a Lockable lid which allows you to keep your items locked by any padlock.

Another important feature is The lid flips for easy opening and closing. It has side handles for effortless portability. The Outdoor Cushions Storage box has a 440-lbs weight capacity, offering support for two adults to sit comfortably over it.

What to look for while buying an outdoor cushion storage box:

1. Consider the size of the Outdoor Cushions Storage boxes:

Outdoor Cushions Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, from large to small. Before going to purchase, you need to determine where you want to place the cushions storage box and how much area the storage box can be occupied.

2. Consider from which Material the storage box is made

An outdoor Cushions Storage box must be made from such materials that will not be wasted in any hostile weather. That means the outdoor Cushions Storage boxes must have weather-resistant properties. The outdoor storage box made of wood does not resist rust, peel, and dent. It will damage due to over rain or overheating. So, the perfect material for outdoor Cushions Storage box is waterproof poly (polypropylene) resin. Polypropylene is not damaged due to any harsh weather.

3. Consider Interior Capacity

Before purchasing this, you should think about how many cushions you need to keep outside. More interior capacity will grab more outdoor space. Consequently, product prices will also increase.

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