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Best Boxes For Storage Units

What are the best boxes for storage units? That sounds like a foolish question to most people because, from what they have seen, all boxes are the same. Therefore, from their point of view, there is no such thing as the ‘Best Box.’ But they are wrong.

Boxes are not all the same. Some are better than others. If you want your assets to survive long enough for you to retrieve them from the storage unit, you need a box with a strong body, the kind you can trust to carry your items to the storage unit and to keep them safe for weeks and months at a time.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know enough about boxes to accurately differentiate the good ones from their low-quality counterparts. But that is why this list exists, to point them in the direction of the best storage unit boxes on the market. They include:

Top 3 Best Boxes for Storage Units

1). Bankers Box Smooth Move Classic Moving Storage Unit Boxes

This item doesn’t look like much. And yet, people have called it one of the best boxes for storage units because of its durable construction. Boasting a double bottom and double end construction, you can reuse the box repeatedly.

Even though the lid comes off with relative ease, it has a firm grip. It won’t fall off during transit. But it is still loose enough for you to remove without tearing the box.

The manufacturer included handles that simplify the process of carrying the boxes. Despite its sturdy build, the box doesn’t rely on tape to keep it together. Storage is just as straightforward. There are ways of quickly and efficiently folding the box. If your carbon footprint concerns you, take comfort in the fact that the manufacturer uses consumer recycled components to make these boxes.

You can secure your assets without contributing to the destruction of the environment.

2). Medium Moving Boxes With Handles

You can find these boxes in medium or large sizes, in packs of 6, 10, 12, and 20. The professional-grade packages are not only cheap but lightweight. They have a rugged construction that can accommodate everything from clothes and toys to kitchen appliances and books, to mention but a few.

Professional movers love them because of their versatility. If you’re accustomed to buying damaged boxes, these ones come in a waterproof, heat-sealed wrap that maintains their integrity.

3). uBoxes Moving Boxes

This is a relatively cheap collection of small and medium-sized boxes. Some kits have as many as 25 boxes. It depends on the size. Smaller boxes come in larger numbers.

Though, the larger boxes are more convenient because they can house annoying items like blankets and cushions that consume so much space. If you don’t want to use these boxes right away, they are very easy to store because the manufacturer ships them in narrow bundles that won’t get in the way.

You can carry them to any destination before unpacking the boxes. The company takes pride in the fact that they ship multiple boxes in each pack. They know that you can never have enough boxes.

You don’t have to wonder whether the boxes can hold your assets without falling apart. Storage units are supposed to safeguard your things. But unfortunately, they tend to expose their contents to moisture, pests, and other elements that ultimately ruin them.

However, these boxes went through several strength tests to prove that they could survive the rigors of shipping and storage. The company made a deliberate effort to include smaller boxes in their offer because they know that some people waste resources by packing tiny objects in large containers. They don’t realize that smaller boxes exist.

Why You Need Storage Box For Storage Unit?

Some people don’t understand why anyone would waste money on a box when they can just keep their assets on the floor or a shelf. But storage boxes are far more beneficial than you think.

First of all, you can use them to organize your items. Rather than throwing everything you own in a heap in the corner, you can keep all your books in one box, the bedsheets in another box, utensils in a separate container, etc.

It makes retrieving specific items so much easier, especially if you took the time to label the boxes.

If that isn’t enough, boxes will keep your assets off the floor. Even if you have shelves in the storage unit, you are better off insulating items such as books and cushions from hard surfaces.  Boxes can accomplish that task for you.

Admittedly, you can’t trust them to keep pests out. A determined rat will eat right through the walls of a box. But a box is still better than nothing.

However, to keep safe your storage unit box from rats, you can use rat poison on the storage unit.

Boxes For Storage Units Buying Guide

You can’t afford to spend your money on any random box you find. Try to match the box to the purpose you have in mind by considering the following factors:

1). Material

Manufacturers use various materials to make storage unit boxes. Cardboard is one of the cheapest and most popular options. Unfortunately, cardboard wears out quickly. You can damage cardboard boxes during shipping. The material cannot defend against rodents.

Plastic is far superior because it can withstand pests and moisture. If you want your assets to stay in storage for a long time, plastic is the way to go.

2). Features

Look for boxes with unique features that match the needs of the asset. For instance, some manufacturers make wardrobe boxes that allow consumers to hang their clothes in storage.

3). Size

This goes without saying. The size has to fit the contents. Large items will destroy small boxes. On the other hand, large boxes with small contents are difficult to stack. They have a lot of unused space on the inside. As such, they may collapse if you place a heavy object on top.

Looking for an outdoor storage option for your outdoor equipment, read another article about outdoor storage boxes.


People treat boxes like luxuries. However, if you value the items in your storage unit, boxes can save you a lot of money by keeping your assets safe until you retrieve them.

Finally, security is always the primary concern of the storage unit. To protect your boxes and other valuables from theft you should lock your storage unit.

But you can’t just use any random box you encounter. Look for sturdy products that can stand the test of time. The boxes in the list above are a great example. They are lightweight, robust, and inexpensive. You can also find them in multiple sizes.


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